Strawberry Ice Cream Float Recipe

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Have you ever tried a Valentines Day Ice Cream Float? It’s a great idea if your looking for tasty Valentines Day Drinks. 

I hadn’t heard of Ice cream floats until I was about 8 years old and my mum taught us how to make them using ice cream and fizzy pop.

Strawberry Ice Cream Float Recipe Fizzy pop in America is called Soda and floats are said to be pretty popular over the USA. 

Today we have a fun Valentines ice cream float recipe which the kids will love. It’s super tasty and I’m sure you will love making this with the kids.


strawberry ice cream float

Ingredients for Your Ice Cream Float

Valentines Day Ice Cream Float Recipe

How to Make an Ice Cream Float

To make these yummy Valentines ice cream floats all you need to do is add your ice cream to a large mason jar.
Valentines Day Ice Cream Float Recipe
Next, add Strawberry Soda. I wish I was in New Zealand right now. I really miss cherry soda. It was one of my favourite flavours.
Valentines Day Ice Cream Float Recipe
Your ice cream float should begin to fizz up. Almost ready to drink.
Valentines Day Ice Cream Float Recipe

Now you can top with whipped cream and festive sprinkles. Enjoy!
valentines day ice cream float recipe
You can make an ice cream float for any occasion and even have them on movie night.
The kids will love them and you don’t need to many ingredients.

More Valentines Ice Cream Float Ideas

Here are some more topping ideas you may wish to try on your valentines floats. 
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate sauce
  • toffee sauce
  • caramel
  • a flake
  • strawberry sauce. 

You could even make them into Valentines Float/Freak shakes and add lots of different toppings. That could be fun! 


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