Schleich Dinosaur Set for Kids Review

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Schleich Dinosaur Set For Kids Review

Today on The Inspiration Edit we are sharing a new Dinosaur Set from Schleich which is fantastic for kids. I’ve always known a lot about dinosaurs, having a brother who grew up playing with them. In fact, I can name so many of the different dinosaurs out there and today we have a fantastic dino set to share with you.

My daughter Sylvia has just started back at school and her first reading book was all about Dinosaurs and fossils so receiving this Schleich Dinosaur Set was great timing and a good opportunity to extend Sylvia’s interest in the topic.

The Schleich Dinosaur Cave

The Schleich Dinosaur Set comes with a cave with lots of fantastic features. The cave comes in four parts and the front section of the cave can be transformed into a catapult when the stone column is removed.

The Stone slab has a fossil and is great for hiding and burying things underneath the cave also has extra rocks which the flying dinosaur can land and perch on.

Dinosaur Figurines

The Schleich Dinosaurs included in this Dinosaur playset include 3 Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs have high quality paintwork and are different sizes. The first Dinosaur is a microrptor and has a black body with white wings and a white head.

The second Dinosaur is a Herrerasaurus with a removable lower jaw and the third figurine is a psittacosaurus dinosaur with horns on his head. This dinosaur is painted blue and green and has a fin on it’s tail. There is also a dinosaur skull which add’s to the scenery and makes the Dinosaur playset more appealing..

The dinosaur set is fun to play with and this Schleich play set is good quality. Sylvia is pleased with the Dinosaurs. They can be purchased online for £44.99 and are great for kids aged 5-12 years.

*This product was sent for the purpose of review*

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