Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Preschool Kids

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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles For Preschool Kids – A Review

As a preschool teacher and mother, I love to provide little ones with the opportunity to learn and grow while using jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are not only educational and a great way to teach basic problem-solving skills they can also be super fun and can help develop basic speech skills.

In fact, as a child who underwent speech therapy, I remember using jigsaw puzzles as part of my therapy sessions. Today I am so excited to share with you my new collection of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles which are top quality and fantastic for the little ones.

Super Easy and Fun Preschool Puzzles for Kids

Lanka Kade Wooden Puzzles From Wordunited

The reason I love wooden puzzles is that they often last a lot longer than card puzzles which tend to tear and rip easily. In fact, these fantastic learning resources are not only educational they are eco toys made from sustainable materials with the purpose of reducing the impact on the environment. Now that’s one fantastic reason to purchase wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaws for Home Learning

Whether the kids are in Nursery, preschool or in the home setting, these fantastic wooden jigsaw puzzles are a great way to have fun and a good way to teach the ABC’s and basic number skills.

In fact, during this pandemic where many little ones are home with parents, you may be looking for fun resources for home learning. And the cool part is that you can also get wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults. Check them out at Unidragon.com

Well, the good news is WordUnited have a great Free Resources Hub available for parents and teachers with free printables and more to support you during this time.

So now for the fun part, I will share the new wooden jigsaw puzzles from WordUnited and tell you a bit about each one.

Lanka Kade Dog Jigsaw

This super cute wooden dog jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic jigsaw for little ones. Not only is this fun dog puzzle bright and colourful, but this rainbow jigsaw is also made up of ten wooden pieces each with numbers on them.

Lanka Kade Sausage Dog Jigsaw

This dachshund dog is super chunky and freestanding once completed. Made from eco-friendly wood this is a great way to help little ones learn to count from one to ten. This puzzle sells for £10.82

Lanka Kade Lion Jigsaw

This Lion Jigsaw is great for kids aged 3 and over. With 5 pieces, this lion puzzle can be assembled quickly and has the numbers one to five. Again this is a bright and colorful jigsaw and one the little ones will love. You can purchase the Lanka Kade wooden lion for £5.83

Lanka Kade Dinosaur Jigsaw

The thing I love about this Wooden Stegosaurus is that it has ten interestingly shaped pieces that make the puzzle super fun to put together. This Dinosaur numeracy puzzle is great for helping little ones develop problem-solving skills and helps promote concentration and persistence.

Lanka Kade Dinosaur Jigsaw

This Wooden Dinosaur puzzle has 10 pieces and retails for £10.41

Lanka Kade Dinosaur 5 Piece Numeracy Puzzle

Here is another fun, colorful and beautifully handcrafted wooden dinosaur puzzle. This diplodocus jigsaw comes in five pieces that interlock and slot together with ease.

Lanka Kade Dinosaur Jigsaw

I love this chunky puzzle and it’s super easy for small children to put together giving them a sense of achievement as they problem solve and play. This wooden dinosaur puzzle is £5.83

Lanka Kade Wooden Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun wooden giraffe puzzle is eco friendly and made from sustainable wood. With only five pieces this puzzle is super easy for nursery and preschool kids and it’s also a great toy for teaching basic counting and colors. You can purchase this giraffe jigsaw for £5.83

Lanka Kade Wooden Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle

Jumbo Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle

The Lanka Kade Jumbo Elephant puzzle is a huge colorful wooden jigsaw that spans over 51cm long.

Jumbo Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle

I love this puzzle because it’s really big and fun to assemble. The Elephant puzzle is great for problem solving, counting and again is a great toy for developing hand eye co-ordianation. This giant Elephant retails for £31.66

Wooden Whale Jigsaw Puzzle

I love whales and this super long wooden whale puzzle is a fantastic jigsaw for kids to piece together.

Wooden Whale Jigsaw Puzzle

With over 26 pieces Whoopi the whale is a brilliant jigsaw and one that encourages little ones to learn the Alphabet. This whale puzzle is 51cm long and with chunky pieces is fun to build and great for building fine motor skills. This wooden whale jigsaw is £18.33

Wooden Sausage Dog Numeracy Puzzle

This super long and fun dog puzzle is not only bright and colourful, but it also has the numbers one through to twenty-five. This fun jigsaw puzzle for kids is challenging but easy enough to slot together for little ones.

The long sausage dog puzzle is over 50cm long and 13 cm in height. This puzzle is great quality and retails for £18.33

Wooden Sausage Dog Numeracy Puzzle

I am so excited to have this collection of wooden jigsaw puzzles to share with my family and the little guests who visit my home. As a previous preschool teacher and parent who is passionate about learning I can honestly say that these puzzles are great value and I will cherish them in my home for many years.

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