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Easy And Simple Rudolf Craft For Kids

Rudolf the red nose reindeer is a song I loved to sing every Christmas. It still is and it’s now one of my daughter’s favourites. Today I am sharing a super simple and easy craft for kids, It’s a Rudolf inspired craft made from foam and few crafty bits. I have really enjoyed making some lovely items this Christmas season and hope you like this.

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What You Need

To make this craft you will need

brown foam,

one pair of scissors,

a glue gun,

googly eyes,

a red pom pom

pipe cleaner.




I began by cutting out the shape of my Rudolf head. This is an easy step. You may want to draw the outline for a younger child or allow an older child to draw and create their own rudolf head. It’s a great task for developing fine motor skills and letting the child be creative is always a great idea.

Next I used the glue gun to stick on googly eyes. You can use a glue gun or another kind of glue such as PVA which is not hot.

Once both eyes were glued I moved onto the red pom pom Rudolf nose.

After gluing the nose on Rudolf, I used the pipe cleaner to make Rudolf into a decoration.

I bent the Rudolf and then stuck the pipe cleaner down using silver glitter sellotape.

You can use plain Sellotape but I had some sparkly tape so I thought it would be more festive.

Here is the final Rudolf decoration. I think it is pretty simple but effective.

You could also make other decorations the same way, maybe a Christmas Tree or Santa’s beard. What will you try?

Rudolf Pretzel Treats

Are you looking for a fun, free printable? Why not try this Pin the nose on rudolf. Simply download and print off to play with the kids this Christmas.

Pin The Nose On Rudolf

To download your free Rudolf Printable Game just click here.

pin the nose on rudolf


rudolf craft



  1. I love it! What a lovely activity to get children involved with as part of enjoying the Christmas spirit. Plus they get something tangible at the end.

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