Rudolf Christmas Reindeer Ornament for Kids to Make

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By Christmas time, most of us have the Christmas tree decorated and ready. But there is still Christmas art to make! Not all Christmas ornaments are store bought. In fact, kids can easily make a rudolf themed Christmas decoration with just some wooden slices and paint.

Christmas Ornaments Make a Great Gift Idea

  1. Christmas ornaments are a great gift idea because they’re relatively inexpensive and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors
  2. They can be personalized with names and messages
  3. You can find them at many different stores – Target, Walmart, etc.
  4. You can get the same ornament each year if you want to keep your family tradition alive
  5. They’re so versatile that you could even use them as decorations for other holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter!
  6. Kids will love getting new ones every year!

Christmas Rudolf Decoration Supplies

How To Make A Rudolf Decoration

You may want to paint the background of your wooden slices in advance. Once your ready to paint your rudolf character, begin painting the outline of rudolf.

Use pink paint for rudolfs ears, paint rudolfs nose red and the collar green.

Cut out and add brown glitter antlers to your reindeer. Add a green collar. Using a glue gun use it to attach the bells.

Next add some artificial tree grass to the outside of the wooden slice. Be sure to add twine so you can hang the slices on the tree once complete.

These fantastic Rudolf reindeer ornaments are cute and fun to make and they will make a fantastic Christmas gift! Enjoy.

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