Dirty Dinos Orchard Toys Counting Game

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Today we are reviewing the Dirty Dinos Counting and Colour Game from Orchard Toys. I’ve always been a fan of Orchard Toys since I was young. In fact I remember playing the famous Ladybird counting game with my sister as a little girl and was excited to discover the Orchard Brand when I returned to the UK in 2010. 

Dirty Dinos Counting and Colour Game From Orchard Toys

*This post contains affiliate links and could lead to a small commission if you make a purchase*

Recently Orchard Toys released a new game called Dirty Dinos and I was excited to try it out with Sylvia and put this new educational kids game to the test.

Dirty Dino Game for Kids

How to Play Dirty Dinos: The Instructions

The Dirty Dinos game from Orchard comes with a dinosaur colour spinner, four playing cards and 25 dinosaur cards. 

You can play the game in 3 different ways. The kids simply take in turns to spin the spinner and collect different coloured dinosaurs to fill the bath playing card. 

Each card is placed faced down with the dinosaur and colour yellow side up. The correct matching cards are picked and added to the bath cards. 

Each card has bubbles on the face down side and the player with the most bath bubbles once the cards are full is the winner. 

How To Play Dirty Dinos

Learning Made Fun With Dirty Dinos

Dirty Dinos is a fantastic educational game aimed at children aged three to six years of age. The game can be played by 2 to 4 kids at a time and teaches the following basic skills:

  • Developing matching skills
  • Encouraging counting skills
  • Encouraging observation skills
  • Encouraging social skills
Learning Made Fun With Dirty Dinos

Learning Through Play With Dirty Dinos

Learning through play is my favourite way to teach kids as a previous Early Years teacher and a mother. These games are fun for kids of all ages and it’s a fantastic game for Sylvia to play with her younger cousins and friends who visit. 

Developmental games from Orchard Toys are in my opinion a fantastic way to balance basic learning with fun and I’d recommend this game for sure. 

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This game was sent for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and written from the perspective of a qualified Early Years teacher and mother. 


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