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Not long after I started blogging I found a designer that I loved. She was amazing and we came up with a unique style for illustrations for me and my daughter Sylvia. Our very first ever image was of me in my Super Mum outfit with Sylvia on my back. I love that image and always will do. It was ur very first personalised illustration.

This image represented my fight with Adrenal Insufficiency and my fight for flight and to get my cortisol levels right through the use of an adrenal pump.

We then had more images designed. I’ve always written about reading with kids. It is something I feel passionate about and so I had an image designed of Sylvia and I reading together. In fact I run a joint kids linky with Laura Summers called KLTR, Kids Love To Read. Getting images designed for a blog or any publication is not always cheap but I really liked this style and so over time I purchased more illustrations.

Read With Kids

My next illustrations were health related. I got a design of me on scales which I used in my writing about weight loss efforts.

adrenal insufficiency

I also had an image designed of me with a drip which is what often happens when I go into a adrenal crisis. 



And so I had a few fantastic illustrations. When my bog began focusing more on fun with kids in addition to my health I commissioned a series of images to use in food related posts. I had 25 Images commissioned 18 months ago and started to use them in 2017.


I have used my In the Kitchen illustrations as part of our Cook With Kids series and they have gone really well so far. Some people may not be into illustrations but I sure am and I think they are cute and suit my blog. It’s been fun using the images to create great content and I love the look of this category on my blog.

cook with kids

And so a few months ago I commissioned my next lot of images.

This time I went with the toddler theme and sent my ideas off and had drafts made. Once these were as I wanted, they were made into final images.

I now have plenty of images to go with some posts that I am planning to create. I’m sure these will last me till next year and then I will save and commission some new images.

I do find getting illustrations for my blog fun and think it can be a USP for my blog.

I am aiming to use one image per fortnight so I will order another 25 next year. I get excited having new images on my blog and it really makes me happy. I have decided to do more of what makes me happy and so I have to think about my content for 2018 and what images I will need. I feel quite happy about this and wanted to share on the blog. It’s an exciting part of blogging for me and I have some planning to do.

Do you have illustrations on your blog? Do you design your own or use stock photography? If you are not a blogger….what do you think? Do you like our images? I certainly do.

Angela x