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Why You Need to Take Vitamins after Gastric Bypass Surgery

After having gastric bypass surgery, taking vitamins will become a daily routine. Patients are given a list of vitamins to take that usually include a complete multivitamin, calcium, vitamin B-12, iron and vitamin B-complex.

However, your health care physician will determine which vitamins for you to take based on your individual needs.

It’s vital that you follow your doctor’s advice and take the recommended amount of vitamins daily and here’s why.

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Vitamins Following Bariatric Surgery

Your body needs vitamins to stay healthy and to lose weight. Gastric bypass surgery decreases the amount of food your body can hold, which reduces the amount of vitamins you receive from the foods you eat.

It may also make it more difficult for the body to absorb the vitamins found in the foods you consume. As a result, this type of surgery can increase your risk for vitamin deficiencies.

Without the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, your body cannot function correctly.

They help to regulate your appetite, metabolism, thyroid, adrenal, energy levels and brain activity to name a few things.

Vitamins Can Help The Body Function

When your body is functioning correctly it makes it easier to lose weight, which is the purpose of the surgery. Therefore, it makes since that you would need to take steps to ensure your body is receiving the vitamins needed to function properly.

However, since this type of surgery reduces your vitamin intake, you must find another way to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins to stay healthy.

Taking vitamin supplements is the best way to accomplish that goal along with a healthy and balanced diet.

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