Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

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Why Is Alkaline Water Better?

For those of us who have decent and safe water systems in our homes, drinking tap water might seem just fine. However, more often now we are starting to question what we can do to aid our health and if there is a possibility that introducing alkaline water into our diets will help us. 

Alkaline water helps us in so many ways, and has multiple health benefits for us. One of the main reasons is to do with your body’s pH levels, and this is probably the primary reason most people choose alkaline water. 

The biggest difference between alkaline water and normal water would be that alkaline water helps to calm down the acid that is present in normal water. 

Tap water that we drink can be highly acidic, and acid can lead to health problems, since we drink it, it mingles with your stomach acid, and perhaps that is part of why you feel gassy, bloated, or generally uncomfortable. 

Balancing out the acid levels in our water, makes it more suitable for human consumption. 

So, what are the main health benefits you will reap should you get an alkaline water filter? Let’s see…

It Helps To Balance Your pH. 

Remember we said about balancing your pH? Well, your body tries to do this naturally, but in the case that your body is highly acidic (with our unhealthy western diets, it’s more likely) then your body needs to work overtime to maintain its comfortable pH. 

If your body gets highly acidic then it can interfere with the normal functioning of your cells, as we tend to eat a lot of acidic food, it can affect the pH levels, and we become more prone to diseases and illnesses. 

It Aids Detoxing.

Many of us seek ideal detox plans these days, as we figure out that modern day diets are a bit less healthy for us than we originally thought, and we fight to make a change. The good news is that alkaline water helps you detox 

It will flush out all those nasty toxins from your body, the ones that can give you health problems, and when you add in drinking alkaline water with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, your detox will go perfectly! 

How does this work? Well, it raises the pH levels in your urine, improving the way your kidneys function, thus detoxing your body using your happy, healthy kidneys. 

It Gives Your Immune System a Boost.

Who doesn’t want a supercharged immune system in this day and age? Drinking alkaline water will help your immune system be the boss fight to all those germs you encounter. 

When your body is managed in an alkaline state, it helps to boost your immune system, cleaning any toxins inside your body. 

Drinking alkaline water daily can help to boost your immune system greatly and give you long term health benefits. That IS just what the doctor ordered! 

Aids in Weight Loss.

Let’s not play dumb here, we all know that a vast majority of us want to try and lose weight these days. In western culture there is a huge problem with obesity, however, alkaline water can make that diet plan you’re on easier. 

Junk food contributes a lot to high acid levels in our bodies, and to level it out your body produces fat cells, this results in weight gain. If you drink alkaline water every single day, it will neutralize the acidity in your body, and your body won’t grow fat cells anymore to combat it! Aha, problem solved!

You Hydrate Better. 

The most obvious point of all, hydration. Hydration is what we need to function properly, our minds, and bodies. Alkaline water hydrates and rehydrates you faster than tap water. 

So many people suffer from chronic dehydration, and drinking alkaline water can help you to deal with this issue and stay healthier! 

Do They Really Work? 

So, do alkaline water filter pitchers really do all this? Well, yes they do. They work perfectly, but only in the case that your water does not have an abundance of minerals. 

Alkaline water filter pitchers are perfect for households with tap water that has a minimal mineral percentage. If your home suffers from hard water, it might not do its job very well, as hard water will already contain a bucket load of minerals. 

If you suffer from hard water then an ionizer for alkaline water is perfect, but if you do not, then an alkaline water filter pitcher is absolutely perfect for you! Find your best alkaline water filter pitcher

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