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FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon Review

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon
Here you can read a fantastic review about the Hasbro toy called FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon, it is really fantastic surely your daughter will love it!

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon Review

Sylvia recently received a fantastic new toy from Hasbro called the FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon. I first heard of the new animatronic dragon a few months ago advertised on tv and Sylvia mentioned that it was super cute.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

*Review Item as part of the Hasbro Toy Testing Team -This post may contain amazon affiliate links.

A few weeks later we were sent the Torch Dragon to review and he has lived up to our expectations. The Torch dragon has a really fabulous feature. He breaths fire-like vapour, toasts marshmallows, makes sounds and responds to touch.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

You can place water in a small compartment in the back of the Dragons head and when you turn the button on, he can and will breath the water out as a vapour which looks really quite realistic. Sylvia found this feature fun. What makes it even more exciting is that the Torch Vapour when it touches the marshmallow turns it red. That is really quite cool.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

I was in hospital when Sylvia first opened her toy and she was so super excited to show me all the features and demonstrate the marshmallow toasting for me.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

If you touch the nose of Torch or rub his tummy, he will respond with cute dragon sounds and bat his eyelids, and move his body. He is a cute and fun toy to interact with and Sylvia really found him exciting.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

The dragons’ legs are also able to move and so he can change positions when required. I do like this fantastic toy from Hasbro as does my daughter. she has been toasting the marshmallow repeatedly and feeding it to Torch as well as just having general fun with her new toy.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

I think the fact the marshmallow turns red with water is really educational and scientific and has opened up a new science concept for Sylvia and I to learn about together.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

I really do like the potential to extend her learning through her interest in her pet dragon. Torch has also caught the interest of Casper one of our Bichon’s.

FurReal Friends Torch Blazin Dragon

It’s certainly one I’m glad we were able to review and is now a part of Sylvia’s collection of new and lovely play items.

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  1. What a cute toy! If your daughter and the dog loves it then your game! Reminds me a little of the Furbys when I was younger.

  2. Thank you, Angela, for this fantastic post. I have a daughter who loves to play with her toys. She uses to run with these toys of our home. I think I would buy something like that toy for her. These are very fantastic and adorable photos. loved it:)

  3. The Torch Blazin’ dragon is so cute. Hasbro brought it to the Type-A conference in Orlando last October. We even got to roast real marshmallows to celebrate.

  4. My daughter wants one of these for her birthday and i was in 2 minds wether it would be worth the money or not. Im glad i read this review as it does sound really good. She will love it!

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