Making a Popsa Photobook Is Easy and Fast

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Making a Popsa Photobook

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved taking photos. In fact I got my first camera when I was around 8 years old. As a teenager I bought disposable cameras and by the time I was an adult I owned my very own light weight camera.

I have hundreds of photos, and my collection grew over the years especially once Sylvia was born.

I’ve captured hundreds of special moments and I finally have a camera of my own as well as my smartphone that allows me to capture even more family moments which I couldn’t have taken many years ago.

Whilst I love modern technology and it’s great to store my family photos online and on my hard drive, I do love to print out photos books every year to collect our favourite images and memories.

It’s great to have a photobook of our family moments to hand and to be able to look through them from time to time. Luckily, creating a personalized photo book nowadays has been made easier through the Popsa app and online sites like

 A Popsa Photobook Is Easy And Fast

Last month I was invited to take part in a Christmas photo challenge. I was contacted by Popsa, who asked me to capture everyday photos of our life over the Christmas period.

I was then given a voucher code to create my very own Popsa photobook to document our Christmas as a family and remember our special moment.

I was super excited to create my Popsa photo book and am really pleased to be sharing the final creation here on The Inspiration Edit.

Creating a Popsa Photo Book In 5 Minutes

To create a Popsa photobook you need to download the Popsa app onto your smartphone. You can then choose the type of book you want to order, including size, shape and cover.

After choosing the photobook and giving the book a title, you can then choose all the images to be included in as you create your book of memories.

Simply tap the pictures to be included and Popsa will auto populate your photobook. You can then go into the editing section and make changes.

How to Make a Popsa Photobook

Making a Popsa book is simple and easy to do. Once your images are in the book, you can take as long or as little time as you need to edit, switch photos around and move pages.

For myself, I love that I was able to group certain Christmas images together. I quickly switched all the baking photos so they were on one page.

I then switched a few pages around and picked the different page formats and auto designs to personalise my Christmas photobook.

I love how fast and easy the photobook making process was. I could even change the size of a photo to centralise it better when needed.

Using Popsa to Record Memories

It was great to capture our Christmas adventures and the things we had done in the home such as Christmas baking and putting up the Christmas tree.

We got plenty of photos with the dogs including fun shots of Yoda and Casper in their Santa suits and pictures of our family dressed in our Christmas Elf Pyjamas.

Although I have chronic illness and I’ve been very unwell over the past few months, I did manage to go on one Christmas Shopping Trip with the family and I was able to record some of these family moments in my new photobook.

Is Popsa Easy to Use?

In short the answer is yes. Popsa is quick and easy to use and I’ve even made a second photobook which was just as simple as making the first.

The best features of Popsa in my opinion are:

  • The affordability. You can create a book for as little as £8.
  • Flexibility to choose the type of book and edit on your smartphone.
  • The quality of the photo paper in the Popsa photobook.
  • The speedy delivery. My book was delivered super fast after I had placed my order.
  • The fact you don’t have to make the photobook on a computer. You could even create it in your down time while travelling in the car or on a train.

Is a Popsa Photobook Good Value for Money?

I’ve been making photobooks for the past 10 years and I do think that the Popsa brand offers good value for money.

Creating a photobook on a budget is something I will aways advocate and  I’m pleased to see that their are options for smaller size photobooks to fit every budget.

I love our new Christmas photobook. It is going to be added to my ever growing collection of family photo memories. I’m looking forward to making and recording more memories in the future.

If you would like to create your own Popsa Photobook then  do take advantage of our fantastic Popsa discount code.

Discount Code: ANGELA – This can be used up to 3 times for 30% off a photobook. 


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