Spreading the Santa Love: Upgrading Your Christmas Eve Plate for Santa

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Hey, festive lot! Can we have a natter about how Christmas Eve is basically the VIP party for Santa Claus? According to The Modern Milkman, a whopping 36% of us might be dropping the ball on the perfect Christmas Eve plate for Santa. But fear not, my fellow holiday enthusiasts, because we’re about to level up our snack game and show Santa we mean business!

The Snacks Matter

Let’s kick things off with the classics: milk and cookies. But here’s the twist – ditch the generic stuff and go for the good stuff! The Modern Milkman suggests some organic, ice-cold moo juice (fancy, right?) paired with artisan biscuits. Think outside the biscuit tin and throw in some homemade gingerbread or shortbread for that extra pzazz.

Global Flavours

Santa’s a bit of a globe-trotter, so let’s celebrate his international adventures with a plate that reflects his diverse tastes. How about a mishmash of global goodies? Italian panettone, German stollen, maybe some French macarons? We’re giving Santa a first-class ticket to Yumsville!

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Sneak in the Healthy Stuff

Listen, flying reindeer need fuel, and Santa’s no exception. So, let’s be real adults for a sec and throw in some fresh fruits. Sliced apples, grapes, strawberries – not only do they add a pop of colour, but they’re also like a nutritional high-five for the big guy.

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Warm Santa Up A Bit!

It’s December, folks. It’s cold out there, and Santa’s freezing his merry buns off. Throw him a bone – or better yet, a cup of hot cocoa or spiced tea. Leave a cute note telling him to chill (literally) and enjoy a warm moment before he jets off again.

Alcohol-Free Delivery

In the spirit of responsible hosting, let’s keep Santa on the straight and narrow with an alcohol-free delivery. Swap out the traditional whiskey or brandy for a nice, non-alcoholic alternative. A fruity mocktail or a spiced warm apple cider could be just the ticket to keep Santa sharp for his global gift-giving extravaganza.

This Christmas Eve, let’s make Santa feel like the rockstar he is! By paying attention to the little things and make his snack situation a bit more boujee with an alcohol-free twist, we’re not just spreading holiday cheer – we’re creating Insta-worthy memories for the whole fam. So, upgrade that plate, and let the magic of Christmas shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose!

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