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Our Frugal Living Challenge And Living On A Budget

Today I started a Frugal living challenge which I’m planning to share on the blog for the next two weeks. I’ve always been one to budget. Growing up in a working class family my mum taught us well how to save money, stretch food and budget well.

Although I do blog daily, I also get unwell daily and it does hamper my ability to earn a living in the way I’d like. The reality is we do live on a low income and we have to budget and make sacrifices in order to save for nice things.

Saving To Visit New Zealand

I don’t often spend money on myself. I get my hair done about once a year, although I plan to do this more often in 2019. We usually go on holiday every two years. In fact we are currently saving to visit my family in New Zealand. I’ve not been home in almost 9 years! Going to New Zealand is the dream.

Reviewing Products To Improve Our Home

As I don’t always have the money to go out and buy things for the home or family I spend a lot of time pitching for the things we need or items that could benefit the home. We also review toys regular on the blog and try to enjoy experiences that enhance our lives. Being a blogger enables us to do regular reviews.

It’s never free and I do have to work hard for every opportunity I get but doing reviews on my blog really does help us when we don’t have the extra income to get things.

Julian Bowen Midsleeper The Children's Bed Shop

We also have a rule, use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. Sylvia needed a new bed and instead of going out and buying a new bed she slept on a mattress on the floor for almost 6 months until I had sourced a good quality children’s bed via the blog. We don’t get everything we want or need straight away and good things can take time. I often get rejected but I keep on trying and never give up.

use it up wear it out make it do or do without quote

In fact 6 months ago I pitched for an item which would really help our family and was completely ignored. I pitched again to the same company last week and they agreed to send out the product and I am so excited!

Shopping At Aldi On A Budget

Whilst we enjoy visiting a variety of Supermarkets from Asda to Tescos to Aldi, we buy the main items we need from Aldi. We used to shop every week, however we decided to switch our grocery shopping to fortnightly, to plan our meals better and to stretch our money further by buying food items in bulk and cooking in bulk.

It not only saves money but helps a lot with my illness. I only usually go out for appointments and when I can to go to church. However I love to go shopping and if I can visit the supermarket with John I will because I just love it and secondly, I don’t chuck loads of rubbish in the trolley.

trolley bags for living on a budget

Anyway, we went to Aldi after my dentist appointment and did our first fortnightly shop. We spent £78 and I’ve planned meals and have everything we need to cover the next fortnight. I’m excited to see how it goes and share our frugal tips over the coming few weeks. Our first tip next week will be about buying cheese in bulk and grating it up yourself.

cutting cheese into blocks living on a budget

I hope you enjoy this frugal challenge and enjoy reading this.

Angela Milnes