My Self Care Journal Tips and Advice

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As it’s a new year I decided that in 2021 I want to take more time out to rest and practice self care. Being a parent can be stressful especially when children are remote learning and unable to go to school. I’m currently trying to balance parenting, blogging, homeschooling, chronic illness and preparing to move house and it’s a little crazy!

So I decided to help me stay on track with all the chaos around me I’d create a self care routine which includes taking time out each day to write in my self care journal.


My Self Care Journal

I love Journal writing. I’ve written all my life and this year I have a Green Amalfi Leather Journal from Pen Heaven. This green self care journal is soft to touch and smells fantastic. It is the perfect journal for recording my thoughts and ideas each day and for keeping myself grounded and mindful as I embark on my journey of self care.

What Should Be in a Self Care Journal?

There is no hard and fast rule about the things you should or should not record in a self care journal but here are the tips and ideas I have started to record.

My Gratitude Diary

  • I record one thing I am grateful for each day to help me focus on the positive things in life and remember to be thankful.

Self Love Record

  • Each day I record one thing I love about myself. This may be a talent, a skill or a good quality or trait that I have. Focussing on the good rather than the negative can help you to feel happier in general.

Mood Tracker

  • I record my mood and how I feel. As I do suffer from anxiety it is good to be still and to recognise how I am feeling and record those feelings. It can help me to become calmer and less stressed.

Sleep Log

  • Because I have trouble sleeping and have chronic illness I am recording my sleeping times each day so I can track how that impacts on how I feel.

Creating a Happy List in Your Self Care Journal

I got a new waterman pen to write in my self care journal. I am creating in the back of my journal a Happy List. This is a list of the things which make me happy each day. It’s kind of a way to explore and learn about myself and discover more about who I am.

In the past I struggled to give myself nice things. I would get gifts and put them away for years saving them for the future but I am overcoming that and using the nice things I have and telling myself that no matter what anyone says or what I’ve been told in the past I deserve nice things.

This is a battle but I am currently winning and using a nice new journal and pen is part of my journey to self acceptance and better self care.

Self Care Ideas When Stuck at Home

Being chronically unwell means I am stuck at home a lot. However I’m not the only one. The whole nation is in lock down and so many people are at home and finding time to practice self care can help lift your mood and keep you going in these times of uncertainty and trial.

Here are a few things you can do at home to show yourself self care:

  • Write a self care journal
  • Order some new Pyjamas or lounge wear
  • Create a collage of the things you love about yourself
  • Make a happy list
  • Create a list of goals and plans for the future
  • Make a homemade facemask
  • Have a beauty night with the family
  • Bake some tasty treats
  • Take a bubble bath

Self care is super important and a good place to start is with a reflective journal where you can record the things you are doing to boost your mood and help keep you grounded and balanced throughout the year.


Self care journal tips and advice

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