Disney Little Mermaid Ornament

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Do you love Disney?! If so, you and your little one can make a Disney Little Mermaid Ornament for your Disney themed tree! This is a great way to spend time with little ones.

3 Ways You Can Use This Ornament

Even though this is an ornament craft for your Christmas Tree, it doesn’t have to go on your tree. And, you can make these even when it isn’t Christmas time! Here are 5 ways you can use this ornament other than on your Christmas tree!

  1. Birthday party decorations. If you have a Disney themed birthday party, these make perfect decorations and a fun craft for the kids.
  2. Disney themed bedroom. Use these as a way to decorate a child’s bedroom.
  3. Window decorations. Instead of buying window decorations, you can easily hang these ornaments with tape in the window.

Supplies Needed for This Little Mermaid Craft


How to Make Disney Little Mermaid Ornament

Begin by downloading your little Mermaid template onto the correct colored card. Cut out the pieces ready to assemble.

Assemble the template pieces and glue together using a glue stick.

Add glue to the Mickey ears and pour red glitter over the ears to represent the red hair of Ariel. Next glue and add glitter to the sleeve of the the little mermaid ornament as shown below.

Your Little Mermaid ornament and decoration is now ready. Simply add some string to the back of the paper craft and you can make a hanging loop ready to hang this decoration on the Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Download Your Free Disney Little Mermaid And Ursula Template Here!

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