Jupiter for Kids: Plus Fun Jupiter Craft Project

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Today we are sharing a Jupiter for Kids project, complete with a free printable planet template. This is a great way to learn about the fifth planet from the sun while doing a fun art project!

Jupiter For Kids: Plus Fun Jupiter Craft Project

Fun Facts About Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is by far the largest planet in our solar system. It is so large that all of the other planets could fit inside of Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter is two and a half times the size of all the other planets combined!

Jupiter is a gas planet and does not have a solid surface. This means that if you were standing on Jupiter, you would sink into the planet.

Jupiter has very strong gravity. It has more gravity than any other planet in our solar system.

More Jupiter Planet Facts

Jupiter has a very strong magnetic field. It is the strongest magnetic field of any planet in our solar system.

Jupiter has 64 moons! This is more moons than any other planet in our solar system.

The Great Red Spot

One of the most famous features of Jupiter is the Great Red Spot. The Great Red Spot is a huge storm that has been raging on Jupiter for hundreds of years. Scientists believe that the Great Red Spot is actually a giant hurricane.

Jupiter’s Rings

Jupiter also has rings, but they are much fainter than the rings of Saturn.

Largest Planet in the Solar System

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It is two and a half times the size of all the other planets combined!

Jupiters Moon

Jupiter has a large moon called Io. Lo is the most volcanically active body in our solar system.

Looking at Jupiter Through Telescope

Jupiter is one of the brightest objects in the night sky. You can often see Jupiter with the naked eye, but it looks even better through a telescope.

You can see Jupiter’s four largest moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto) through a small telescope. These moons are sometimes called the “Galilean satellites” after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.

You can also see Jupiter’s rings through a telescope, but they are much fainter than the rings of Saturn.

Supplies Needed for This Jupiter Craft

How to Make Jupiter Craft

Begin by printing off your Jupiter template. Trace the different shapes onto colored card and cut out using scissors.

Cut out the colored pieces of Jupiter and prepare to assemble your planet.

Using non toxic glue, glue the different strips of paper to Jupiter Planet. Follow the image for guidance.

Adding Jupiter to a Space Background

You can add Jupiter to a space background which you can make quite easily. All you need is a toothbrush and some white paint.

Dip the toothbrush into your paint and then flick or splatter the paint onto the black paper. This is super fun and the kids will enjoy this part of the solar system project.

Once the background paper is dry, paste the Jupiter planet onto the space background ready to display.

Your Jupiter planet is now complete. Be sure to talk to the little ones as they enjoy this Jupiter project and discuss all the fun and interesting facts about Jupiter found on this page.

Get Your Free Jupiter Printable Template Here

Jupiter Template

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