Meet the Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Kuwait

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The State of Kuwait lies atop the Arabian Peninsula and borders the Persian or Arabian Gulf to the northwest. Kuwait sits between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Its dunes, intriguing museums, architecture, and beaches are famous. Due to this, tourism continues to thrive. Join us as we take a look at our pick of the top five tourist attractions of Kuwait.    

Kuwait Visa  

Kuwait is a GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council member, established in 1981, the GCC is a regional and intergovernmental economic and political union between 6 nations: Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. You do not need a visa to enter Kuwait if you are a citizen of these nations.  

Previously, foreigners living in a GCC country needed a visa to enter Kuwait. More recently, Kuwait has developed the Kuwait evisa for GCC residents, which opens the market and saves us a physical trip to the Kuwaiti embassy. Now, foreigners residing in GCC countries can apply for the Kuwaiti eVisa.  

The online application is straightforward, and with the eVisa, you have up to 90 days in the country. However, your reasons for visiting must be strictly tourism, and you should be a holder of a good conduct certificate.  

The top five attractions in Kuwait  

Here are the top five Kuwait Attractions

Kuwait Tower   

Kuwait Tower is at the top of our list of the most attractive sites to visit in Kuwait. The Three towers are 3 km from the city center in Dasmini on Arabian Gulf Street. These towers were built post-independence as a symbol of economic resurgence.  

The towers feature traces of traditional designs merged with modern architectural forms. The first tower features the Main Sphere, where you will find restaurants, halls, and cafés. You need to access the Viewing Sphere to get a bird’s eye view of the city. Tower number two houses the water reservoir, and the third supplies and manages power to the other towers.    

Beaches  In Kuwait

The stunning Kuwait beaches are 13 km from the city center. Features of sky-colored waters, breathtaking coastlines, and white sand are sights to behold. At the beach, you have the freedom to stroll, relax and enjoy the breeze. There are water sports activities available. The best months to visit are May, September, and October.    

As an Islamic state, it is essential to note that bikinis are not allowed on public beaches. In Kuwait, you must cover yourself fully at all times while out and about.    


Kuwait Museums   

The Tareq Rajab museum features personal collections curated by Kuwait’s first minister and his British wife. Located in Jabriya in a villa’s basement, this small-time museum will take you on a journey through history. This intriguing collection includes ceramic, gold, and silver jewelry, pearls from Bahrain, manuscripts, costumes, pottery, and musical instruments. Historians and artists will have a blast and spend a minimum of two hours exploring this awe-inspiring collection.  

Still on museums, give the National Museum a go to get the most authentic expression of Kuwaiti heritage. It features Archeology, Heritage, and Planetarium sections. Visiting could help you answer some questions about the Bronze Age and different aspects of Kuwaiti life, and wow you with a horizontal dome.   

Grand Mosque  

If you have been curious about what a Muslim Mosque entails, a trip to Kuwait presents you the opportunity to visit one of the grandest of their kind. The locals know it as the Al-Masjid Al-Kabir.    

As the biggest mosque in the country, it covers over, 46000 square meters. It is known for hosting big celebrations and events. It is the gathering ground for Muslims worldwide during Ramadan. Visitors are attracted to this spot because of its remarkable Islamic architectural designs.    

Though entry to other mosques in Kuwait is highly regulated, visiting time at the Grand Mosque is unlimited because they are open 24 hours. However, you come dressed accordingly in loose clothing. Headscarves are necessary, but one will be available to you if you do not have one.     

kuwait mosque

Al Shaheed Park   

Boasting many green areas, botanical gardens, restaurants, gift shops, and two museums, this urban park is also the largest. It’s must-see. The park opens at 5.00 am to allow joggers and fitness enthusiasts and stays open until midnight.  

This park was built in 2015 by Al Diwan Al Amiri and is located on Soor Street in Kuwait City, and there is no entry fee. The park has elements of mind-blowing architecture and five sculptures that won an Outdoor Sculpture Competition in 2013. The attention to detail and high maintenance standards observed at this park are worthy to note.  

In Summary

The best time to visit Kuwait is in Spring and Autumn. That’s anytime between March and May, and September to October, respectively. 

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