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Teaching Kids To Use A Sewing Machine

A few weeks ago we were sent the Hobbycraft Mint Midi Sewing Machine along with some basic sewing supplies from Hobby Craft. I was and still am really excited. Both my daughter and I have been wanting to learn to sew and I was able to help both Sylvia and her friend learn basic sewing machine skills and sew their very first plush soft toy.

I allowed my daughter and her friend to choose the project they wanted to sew. Sylvia decided to create a plush dog. She is a huge dog lover and I think the girls did amazing for their very first sewing machine project.

What You Will Need

To make this project we required a

Sewing Machine




Hobby craft buttons

Marker pen

Let’s Make It

We began by creating a template. It’s always good to plan your sewing project and either draw it out or create a template before starting. We drew our own template and this really helped us prepare the materials we needed.

My daughter cut out the template and drew around this on pieces of felt.

Sylvia then cut out her pieces ready to sew together with our new Hobbycraft sewing machine.

After setting out the felt pieces my daughter was ready to use the sewing machine for the first time.

I began by teaching my daughter and her friend how to thread the machine. They then did a practice stitching line on a piece of scrap felt.

Once Sylvia and her friend were confident enough they began to sew the face of their plush dogs. As this was their first project the sticthing was not perfectly aligned so I reassured the girls it was okay for the project to be imperfect as it was a learning process.

Once the dogs were almost sewn, we added scraps of felt to the insides of the dog and the girls then sewed up the final holes. They were both really pleased with their dogs. The plush dogs were super cute and a great project. I think for a first attempt of using a sewing machine as 9 years old, the girls did a fantastic job.

My Top tips for teaching children to use a sewing machine are:

Teach the children how to thread the cotton and prepare the needle.

Do a practice run of stitching on scrap material.

Reassure the kids that this is a learning process and it’s okay for the project to not be perfect.

Teach the importance of making a template, following a pattern and taking time to plan the sewing project before using the machine.

Make it fun. Try not to constantly tell the kids off, correct them or make them feel like they are sewing wrong. Teaching sewing should be a fun process not a chore.

Have fun!

*We were gifted the sewing machine and supplies in return for this blog post*