Thank Goodness for Sisters the Gratitude Diaries

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Thank Goodness for Sisters- The Gratitude Diaries 

I have one sister, she is called Deborah. Debs is the best sister in the world. Ironically my sister lives on the other side of the world and I do miss her dearly. Deborah and I are only 12 months apart in age but we were very close growing up.

Thank Goodness for Sisters The Gratitude Diaries

As young girls we did everything together. We played together, we argued, we fought and we defended one another. We love each other very much but we now only communicate via email and Skype.

I am now settled in the UK, in a beautiful Lancashire village, a place I’m happy to stay for the rest of my life. My sister lives in Dunedin, in the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. Her husband is a full time student!

Deborah and I have both graduated from University with more than one qualification. I studied Education, English, A Bachelor of Arts followed by teaching.

Dr Brunt studied Medicine and graduated as a doctor, not before finishing her masters in Peadiatrics- Infant and child health and nutrition. At my highest level I specialised in teaching Reading and Writing Skills to Children with Learning difficulties.

Despite all that is different about us, including our careers, there is one thing we have in common and that is our love for children. When I was younger I wanted to have many children. I planned to have my own and adopt and have one huge family. Due to my poor health and life’s experiences I had to settle at least for now with one beautiful daughter, my Sylvia.

Deborah has had six children, Joshua, Joseph, Anna Maria, Ella Rose, Lilly and Eve who is a few months old. My sister is working as a GP right now and raising 6 kids whilst her own husband is in 4th year of med school. She is an inspiration to me and a fantastic role model.

I miss my sister so much and have set a goal to one day fly back to New Zealand and reunited with my sister. I’d love to meet the nieces I’ve never seen face to face and give them big cuddles! That would be amazing. It’s a goal I have and a dream and I know I can do this!

Wish me luck!

Angela x


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  1. Thanks Kristen… it will be a nice addition to the blog. Debs wont be writing as many posts as me but her content will be good quality and add value which i will appreciate!

    Angela xx

    1. Thanks Kristen. It is nice to be collaborating with Angela and it makes the miles of separation seem less.

  2. Thanks. I’m glad you like the quote. Debs did everything a year before me. She experienced it all before me and I had someone to look up to and follow especially in regards to education and parenting etc. She is a great sister and i’m grateful to have her.

    Angela xx

  3. What a blessing to live in a time where separation over the miles can be remedied via skype and other technology.

  4. Thanks Becky! I’m also looking forward to my sister’s posts. It is exciting and I really am pleased debs has joined me. Angela xx

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