I’m a Stylist Styling Head Review

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This week Sylvia received a fantastic I’M A STYLIST styling head to play within the home. This couldn’t have been better timing. My daughter is currently into beauty, hair, and makeup and enjoys styling her own hair on a daily basis. I knew she would love this new Styling head and I was right! 

Receiving the I’M A STYLIST Styling head was wonderful. The product is really good quality and made for kids aged 8-15. The styling head is a great gift idea for tweens and I enjoyed watching Sylvia get to work styling the hair, and face. 

Opening the I’m a Stylist Styling Head

The styling head comes with a several features including a green blouse, one brown wig, face gems, hair ties, hair clips, earrings and a small mirror. Sylvia was also sent a separate pink wig which was she really loved. 

Being able to style the styling head is super fun. Sylvia enjoyed trialing different hair styles and loved the magnetic eyelashes and sparkly face gems. 

In fact my daughter had fun trying the wig on herself! 

This new I’M A STYLIST styling head is currently available at Harrods and Hamleys and I think it would make a fantastic gift! My daughter has already spent a lot of time with her new styling head and she absolutely loves it. 

Main Features of I’m a Stylist Styling Head

The I’M A STYLIST Styling head includes the following key features:

  • Magnetic eyelashes that are easy to apply onto the doll.
  • Interchangeable high quality soft wigs to change the dolls look. 
  • Earrings 
  • A removable and washable top.
  • Suction cups on the bottom of the styling head to ensure the doll does not move around when styling. 
  • Reusable packaging which makes the doll head easy to store. 
  • the wig packaging comes with a wig holder to keep the wig in good condition.

What Do I Like About the I’m a Stylist Styling Head?

I really like the size of the dolls head. My daughter has had a styling head in the past but it was very small and therefore Sylvia could not style the hair as well as she can with this product. 

The styling head is quite realistic and on trend and I love that the hair is interchangeable. This means if Sylvia wants to give the doll a hair cut she can do so without destroying the product. 

I like that this styling head has suction cups to keep the head still during styling. I also love how easy this toy is to keep clean.

I am really impressed with the quality and standard of the styling head. 

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    1. Sylvia absolutely loves it and it has been super fun for her to test out. She is totally over the moon!

  1. I remember a toy like this from my youth. This would be great for my grand if we could keep her from wanting to cut the hair.

  2. When I was a little girl, it seemed every girl had a styling head, predominately Barbie. I’d spend hours styling her hair! I think this is an excellent toy to encourage style in young girls!

  3. This would keep a little girl pre-occupied during the summer break. I like the quality and the added feature of having suction cups to keep the head in place while styling the hair. I don’t have young kids anymore, but I will surely let my sister know about this. Her daughter is 11 year old and she’s love this!

  4. What I brilliant styling head, I love that it has changeable wigs. I had a head when I was younger and would spend hours doing her hair and make up.

  5. This looks like so much fun! Perfect for kids to learn how to do hair and fashion. Great post!

  6. Eliza is loving hers and is desperate for her big sister to come around and teach her some more plaits. I love the pink wig!!

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