Exclusive Free Disney Moana Coloring Printable

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Disney Moana colouring activity sheets. Disney Moana activities for kids

Today we are sharing two Disney Moana Coloring Printable options here on the blog. In January my daughter went to see the Disney movie Moana. She absolutely loved it. Ever since she has been saying how much she can’t wait for the movie to come out on video.  Sylvia has also been singing the song “How far I’ll go” over and over. She loves it and has memorised the words.

Moana printables

Exclusive Free Disney Moana Coloring Printable

Moana was a sure hit for my family and I thought it would be great to share two fantastic Disney Moana themed printable’s which are exclusive to The Inspiration Edit. They are available for download free at the bottom of the post.  I love creating and sharing fun things that also fit into my daughter’s likes.  This movie is so empowering and fun! 

More Ideas for Sharing Moana

If your child or children love Moana as much as my daughter Sylvia does, then I know you’ll love our other fun topics and ways to share this movie.  As someone who has a Polynesian heritage, my daughter loved seeing a character on film that resembled her. Moana represents a character my daughter can identify with, and that makes me as a mum happy.  So, of course, I wanted to continue that love for Moana in every way possible.  Below are some of our favorite Moana themed projects that fit right in with these exclusive Moana coloring printable pages. 

Moana Coloring Printable

Make sure to click below to grab your copies of these exclusive printables!  We love keeping this Moana coloring printable on hand for Sylvia to color in unique colors when she is wanting an easy craft for the afternoon.  They make great additions to any Moana themed party, and are a fun activity that is low cost for you!

Moana printable

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