Build Fine Motor Skills With Summer Printables

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Build Fine Motor Skills with Summer Printables – Guest Post

Fine motor skills allow individuals to use the small muscle groups in their hands, fingers, and wrists in a controlled way. In order to successfully complete basic tasks, such as eating, writing, and getting dressed, fine motor skills are required. 

Helping Build Fine Motor Skills

Helping kids to build fine motor skills at a young age is crucial as mastering these skills helps ensure that kids will be personally, socially, and academically successful. Some of the benefits of building fine motor skills include:

  • Helps kids use tools: Kids require fine motor skills to be able to grasp objects, such as silverware and writing utensils.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination: Most hand movements, such as catching a ball or drawing, require visual input in order to be effectively carried out. 
  • Promotes independence and confidence: Fine motor skills allows kids to do more things on their own, which in turn makes them more confident individuals.
  • Supports cognitive development: Research suggests that improving fine motor skills may help kids academically. 

Printable Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills

A great way to encourage kids to work on improving their fine motor skills is through engaging printable activities. The fine motor skill printable activities we offer below from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences have kids color, cut, trace, and place objects, requiring them to engage the small muscles in their hands, wrists, and fingers.

Sea Animals Coloring Printable 

This sea animals coloring activity helps with wrist stability and hand-eye coordination. Also, if kids want to cut out the sea animals, this will aid with hand strength.

Ice Cream Cone Grid Drawing Printable

This ice cream cone grid drawing activity can help kids practice their observational skills as well as better understand proportions and how to observe details

Beach Trip Line Tracing Printable

This beach trip line tracing activity is perfect for kids who are just beginning to print their letters as tracing strengthens the muscles they need to write.

Rainbow Placement Printable

This rainbow placement activity requires kids to grasp and place objects, which helps them strengthen the hand, wrist, and finger muscles as well as improve hand-eye coordination.

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