How to Fill a Christmas Stocking Without Candy or Toys

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Here are some great tips on how to fill your child’s Christmas stocking without candy or toys! 

Every kiddo loves waking up Christmas morning to see colourful wrapped boxes surrounding the sparkling Christmas tree, and their stockings stuffed with goodies.

However, after receiving loads of candy or sweets on Halloween, and stuffing themselves with yummy holiday treats, candy is one of the last things your kids need. Not to mention, the overflowing toy box, before adding the toys that are already wrapped under the tree.

how to fill a christmas stocking without candy

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Here are some great items to help you fill your child’s stocking without adding any more toys, sweets, or candy.

Christmas Stocking Ideas


Whether it is a minor ouchie or not, kids think bandages have magical healing powers. Grab a box with your kiddo’s favourite character printed on them.

Writing Utensils

Older kids can always use more mechanical pencils and lead or extra pens. And the littles can never have too many crayons or too much chalk. You can even toss in some fun shaped pencil erasers.



Pending the size of your stockings, you may be able to squeeze in some small chapter books, or paperback picture books to keep your child entertained. You may love the look of the Wordsworth classics which my daughter is getting this Christmas. 

More Stocking Fillers

Socks and Undies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without receiving new socks and underwear, right? Stuff a pair or two in the stocking, instead of placing them under the tree. 


Every kiddo needs a way to save their place while reading. Keep it simple with a fun bookmark, or search for a bookmark with a digital timer, for little ones who need help keeping track of their reading time.

fun bookmarks for kids

Activity Books

Mad Libs, word searches, connect the dots, Sudoku, and colouring books are great entertainment options, no matter the age.

Christmas Stocking Ideas That Will Last


A new DVD or Blu-ray Disc is sure to be welcomed by any youngster.



Do you have a daughter? If so, you cannot go wrong with a little bit of makeup or nail polish, and nail polish remover!

Hat and Gloves

Kiddos are great at losing things like hats and gloves. Throw an extra set into the stocking this year.

Water Bottle

Help your child stay hydrated by giving them a new water bottle or thermos, or travel mug.

Travel Games

Miniature, travel versions of games, and even card games make great stocking stuffers.


Jewellery for the girls, and watches for the boys. Absolutely.

Mini Sketch Pad

Do you have a a little artist in your home? How about a mini sketch pad? Do not forget a new box of coloured pencils, and a fabric pencil case.

how to fill a christmas stocking without candy

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    1. Sounds great Kim. I think stationery is always great. When we have girls our age it can be tricky getting the right things. I love a good satsuma in my daughter’s stocking and bath bombs are such a fun idea!

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