The Ultimate DIY Tools Wish List

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The Ultimate DIY Tools Wish List – Collaboration

This year my parents came to stay in England for a time. My Dad is awesome at DIY and building things and the one thing he really misses is his garage and tools. Dad will be returning to New Zealand in a few years but for now we are going to have to rebuild a collection here in the UK so he can work on some projects.

So my Dad helped me come up with his Ultimate DIY Tool Wish List. It has the basics he would like to collect again whilst living here in the UK. Whether you are looking for a tape measure or a shingle cutting tool, these items can all be purchased from B&Q one of my Dads favourite UK stores.

What DIY Tools Do You Need?

If you’re too overwhelmed from the long lists of different woodworking tools in today’s market it may be best to check out some of the reviews on BestofMachinery where there are guides on the top power tools for your DIY needs.

DIY Tools

DIY Tools Wish List

So I’ll take you through the list and discuss the DIY Tools we would love to collect.

The JCB 8M Tape Measure

Everyone needs a good tape measure and JCB are a good brand. This tape measure has a chrome plated case with cushion grip and has a 5 year guarantee. £13.02

 Ryobi Electric Screwdriver

A Screwdriver is an essential for the home these days and the Ryobi Electric Screwdriver is fantastic as it is cordless, has six screwdriver bits and has 10 hours of charging time.

The JCB WooD Chisel Set

Being a Wood worker my dad loves a good set of chisels. This set is chrome plated with a steel cap end and has a thru tang shaft and end cap to transfer maximum strike-force into the blade tip.

Ryobi 1.5mm Planer

The Ryobi Planer is a fabulous tool for precise woodworking and wood smoothing. What we love about this took is the fact the planer comes with a Dust Tech collection bag. With up to 1.5mm planing depth and 8mm rebate depth the Ryobi Planer comes with two blades and one chamfer groove for cutting bevels and chamfers.

Jcb Router

The JCB Router works at both  1/4″ and 1/2″. A router is great for pattern and groove cutting, trimming, shaping and chamfering in hard and soft wood. This router has a 50 mm routing capacity and 50 mm plunge stroke. The router has variable speed controls and a 3 year guarantee.

Stanley Panel Saw 22“.

The stanley panel saw is perfect for domestic and trade use. It has a triple bevel teeth edge and comes with an ergonomically designed, moulded plastic grip handle. The saw also has a 45° and 90° angle guide built in to enable complete accuracy when cutting.

There are some good reviews of saw’s over on the not to preview site. My dad likes to read reviews before buying new tools so he can buy the best tool for the job.

JCB Forged Steel Claw Hammer 

Every DIY lover needs a good Claw Hammer. This tool has a shock absorbent handle and an ergonomically designed soft grip.

JCB Combi Drill and Driver.

This set has some fantastic reviews and are really handy for many odd jobs. Both the drill and driver come 2x 1.3Ah Li-ion batteries and charger. They also come with a carry bag, soft grip handle and an LED work light.

Evolution Fury Compound Mitre Saw.

This is a powerful and strong mitre saw ideal for cutting steel, wood, aluminium and plastic with a single blade. The saw includes laser guidance for optimum accuracy and has an optional diamond blade to transform the saw into a sliding tile cutter.

Mac Allister Combination Set Square. 

The combination set square is a fantastic tool to use in the for accurate and clear marking. This tool is made from high quality stainless steel and has clear measurements and a level.

Soldering Torch From Dremel

This soldering torch from Dremel is a great tool which my dad would love. For your diy electronic repairs, check this soldering torch from Dremel.”

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

My Dad and I sure enjoyed creating it and I look forward to reading the comments below.

There are also some great DIY tools on the WoodWorkology site

What is your dream tool?

diy tools

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  1. Fab list. I am totally hopeless when it comes to DIY. But my dad is ace – what is it about dad’s being such fab handymen!? My dream tool? Well, yes a tape measure from the top of your list as it’s got so many uses – plus I know how to use one! LOL! Tx

  2. Great list here, it’s essential for new homeowners to have a number of these items. I’m s DIY novice but when I bought a home recently I had no equipment and it wasn’t long before I realised that I needed to have a ‘dad’ cupboard with some of this in. I got a load of bits and pieces at which I would also recommend, they’ve got quality brands at great prices so my kit didn’t set me back to much. One piece of advice I’d give to other novices coming across this article today is make sure you know what you need to buy as the attitude that I took ‘a drill is a drill’ is only going to cost you time in returns and the like, and it did.

  3. Great list of tools.

    But according to me you forgot to mention another very important tool which is a nail gun.

    Otherwise its just perfect for any DIY person.

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