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101 Easy Ways To Save Money And Budget

Whether you are living payday to payday, your trying to save up enough to stay home, or you simply want to be a better steward of the resources your blessed with, almost all of us want to know how to save money and balance our budgets. 

While there are plenty of drastic measures you could take to balance your budget, there are even more easy ways to save money that really don’t require much sacrifice at all. In fact, here are 101 of them!

I understand that saving money when your living on a tight budget is different than when you have a little extra to spare.

This list incorporates both. The idea isn’t that every single one of these things would work for you, but that you’d be presented with a wide variety of options to pick and choose from. I like to try and live frugally and here are tips to do so.

So take a look. Go ahead. Pick and choose the ideas that work for you!

easy ways to save money

101 Easy Ways to Save Money

Around your home

1. Purchase a smaller house than you could afford.

2. Use a space heater/fan instead of heating/cooling the entire house.

3. Add insulation.

4. Embrace minimalist design.

5. Stop buying new stuff you don’t need.

6. Fix things instead of replacing them.

7. Buy new appliances on clearance.

8. Purchase furniture secondhand.

9. Turn off lights/water, unplug things when not in use.

10. Make your own DIY cleaners.

On Your Car

1. Buy only what you can afford.

2. Combine trips.

3. Get routine maintenance to avoid repairs.

4. Drive the speed limit for better petrol mileage.

5. Empty out your boot for better petrol mileage.

6. Pay insurance in full for the discount.

7. Don’t take out more insurance than you need. Look for the best deals.

8. Sell your car and take the bus/carpool.

9. Fill up when petrol is cheapest.

10. Wash your car at home.

When Grocery Shopping

1. Start meal planning.

2. Use coupons. Dealsdaddy offers voucher code for food & drink, clothing, accessories, shoes, travel, Electronic items etc

3. Only buy what you will use even when its a good deal.

4. Stock up on mark-downs and clearance items.

5. Cook from scratch when it makes sense.

6. Plant a garden.

7. Leave out unnecessary ingredients.

8. Pack your lunch and snacks instead of buying.

9. Make hot drinks at home.

10. Cook double recipes and freeze half for later.

11. Use a system like change checker to check coins that may be of more value than you think. 

When Buying Clothes

1. For quickly growing kids, cheaper is fine.

2. Buy quality clothes only when they need to last.

3. Take inventory of what you have before you shop.

4. Shop at car boot sales, second hand markets and charity shops.

5. Exchange hand-me-downs from friends.

6. Buy mix-and-match pieces.

7. Keep a smaller wardrobe.

8. Buy next years clothes and coats that are now on end-of-season clearance.

9. Use a good detergent to keep your clothes looking new.

10. Learn basic sewing skills so you can repair, rather than replace.

On Things for Baby

1. Buy only what you need (its a LOT less than you think).

2. Borrow items from friends.

3. Register for mostly gender-neutral items.

4. Order nappies online using coupons.

5. Invest in cloth nappies.

6. Breastfeed, if you can.

7. Make your own baby food from scratch.

8. Wait to go up a nappy size until you have to.

9. Trade outgrown items for new ones with others.

10. Sign up for coupons and samples of your favourite products.

On Entertainment

1. Get books and magazines from the  library.

2. Get movies from Red Box.

3. Take advantage of free entertainment and events in your community.

4. Have friends visit your home instead of going out.

5. Plan activities around pound nights or family nights.

6. Watch local sports teams instead of professional.

7. Keep an eye out in local papers for deals, promotions and coupons.

8. Search online for coupons before you go on outings.

9. Ask for zoo, museum and other memberships for Christmas.

10. Find alternatives to shopping with girlfriends.

On Your Debt

1. Create a budget.

2. Switch to an all-cash system.

3. Cut up credit cards you don’t use responsibly.

4. Pay your bills on time.

5. Consolidate your debts for a lower interest payment.

6. Refinance your mortgage.

7. Call your student loan company about payment options.

8. Eliminate credit card interest.

9. Ask your credit card company for a lower interest rate. (Sometimes they will give you one just for asking!)

10. Ask your debtors to give a discount to pay off a bill in full.

11. Create an emergency fund for surprise expenses.

On Gifts

1. Budget before you buy.

2. Reduce the number of people you buy for.

3. Limit gifts to special occasions.

4. Make homemade gifts.

5. Regift items others would love.

6. Buy throughout the year.

7. Buy on sale and clearance.

8. Keep a gift closet.

9. Reuse gift bags, tissue and bows.

10. Wrap in newspaper.

On Vacation

1. Choose a less expensive holidays such as a staycation.

2. Check sites like Travelocity, for airplane/hotel deals.

3. Choose a hotel with a rewards program for free nights.

4. Purchase entertainment and food vouchers on Groupon.

5. Stick closer to home.

6. Pack a cooler for the road.

7. Choose a hotel with free breakfast.

8. Find entertainment coupons for where youre going.

9. Eat out at lunch instead of dinner.

10. Visit the supermarket and eat in the hotel room.

On Just About Anything

1. Know the difference between a want and a need.

2. Ditch the land line if you don’t use it.

3. Downgrade your expensive cell phone plan.

4. Cut your family members hair at home.

5. Cancel the gym membership.

6. Swap babysitting with friends.

7. Barter services with friends (lawn mowing, baking, piano lessons).

8. Choose a bank account without fees.

9. Buy generic and off-brand.

10. Have a professional look over your taxes, when it makes sense.

Well, if you were wondering how to save money before, now you know! Whether you use one of these money-saving tips or several, these easy ways to save money should get you off to a great financial start this year!

Which of these ideas do you do already? Which ones have you never thought of before? Are there any you’d like to try?

Angela x


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