Back to School Smiggle Review

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Back To School Smiggle Review

My daughter is heading back to school in a few weeks and today we have a fabulous back to school Smiggle review featuring Sylvia’s new Smiggle backpack, along with her Smiggle headphones, a Smiggle pencil case and Smiggle water bottle. We are super excited to share this back to school range with you. Each item is adorable.

Smiggle Back to School Smiggle Range

You can imagine just how excited my daughter Sylvia was when her new Smiggle items arrived in the mail. Sylvia opened her package straight away and her old school bag was quickly made redundant. Ever since we discovered Smiggle it soon became our favourite store for school bags and pencil cases. In fact, Sylvia had a fantastic School bag from Smiggle which has lasted over 16 months. It is really great quality and although it needs a good wash it will be getting used for day trips and outings while Sylvia uses her new backpack for school.

Why Kids Love Smiggle

If your child is anything like my daughter they will absolutely love Smiggle. Sylvia does and I do too. It’s a combination of bright, cute and lovely products which do exactly what they are intended. They make you smile and giggle. In fact here are the top 5 reasons Sylvia loves smiggle products.

  • Smiggle products are good quality and don’t break easily. They last a long time.
  • Smiggle accessories are super cute and colourful, often with sparkles or super cute pattterns
  • Smiggle pencils and certain accessories smell lovely. They are scented and the smell is fabulous.
  • Smiggle have a huge range and it’s a store that you can’t stop visiting to see what’s new.

The Smiggle store sells good quality products which have always lasted the full school year and beyond. Although we do tend to spend a little more on products than we might in a different store, it’s always worth the extra amount as the items last and they are so worth the purchase.

The Smiggle Backpack

Sylvia got the new 2018 Smiggle Explore Backpack. This is very similar to the one she had in year 5 which is the best kids children’s backpack my daughter has ever had. So move over the old smiggle bag and say hello to the new Premium Explore Backpack.

What I love about this children’s school bag is the fact the bag is designed for comfort and how well padded the school bag is. I’ve never seen a bag with the type of padding on the Smiggle backpacks. The smiggle backpack has a unique hardshell front pocket which is a new feature we’ve not seen before and something I am sure will come in really handy.

The Smiggle Explore backpack has the following features:

  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Adjustable waist support strap
  • Extra comfortable padded back panel
  • Padded easy grip carry handle
  • 5 zipped compartments – 2 compartments with double zip
  • Protective hardshell external pocket
  • Drink bottle sleeve
  • Lined media device pocket with headphone access
  • Protective base feet
  • Name label
  • Polyester (cover and lining)
  • Polyethylene (foam insert)
  • W 30cm x H 40cm x D 17cm

Sylvia loves the colour and design of the new back to school backpack from Smiggle and we are so pleased with the versatility of the bag. I think she will save this one for best and use her old Smiggle back for trips and outings.

Smiggle Headphones

I have to admit, I never really noticed the Smiggle headphones while in store. I think it’s because we spend all our time in pencil case and pencil section. However Sylvia was sent a super cute and really good set of Smiggle Headphones which we are so pleased with.

In fact, I’ve been a little naughty and have borrowed Sylvia’s new headphones at least 7 times this week. I have a feeling, I am going to need to buy a pair for myself.

The Smiggle headphones work on devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. They are totally adjustable, which is why they fit both my daughter’s head and mine and the ear pads are super soft.

That’s the one thing I notied about any wearable smiggle products. They are usually really comfortable and these headphones sure are. The smiggle headphones come in a carrying pouch, they can fold and bend and come with a tangle free cord made from strong material. That is fantastic!

These headphones are perfect for chilling at home and has allowed me and Sylvia to chill in bed together. I’ve worked whils Sylvia has watched cartoons on the Ipad using the headphones as a sound barrier so I can concentrate on my writing but we can just sit together.

I do like it when we can do our own thing in the same room but in peace and these blue Smiggle headphones are just right for this. I’m often warned not to use the word perfect in a review as it could put brands off from working with me in future but the reality is these earphones are perfect for my daughter and for myself. That’s just the way it is.

Back to School Smiggle Pencil Case

Smiggle have the most amazing pencil cases and we were fortunate to receive the Smiggle Double Up Hard Top Pencil Case. Sylvia was thrilled when she opened up her new pencil case.

This Smiggle pencil case has a double hardtop which is fantastic. It has two main compartments both with double zips and plenty of storage space. The inner mesh compartments allow you to separate stationary and there are also large zip pockets and pen slots.

This particular pencil case is a fabulous size 22cm by 15 by 5 and I actually own the same case for myself which I keep my medications in when we go away. These pencil cases are fabulous and they can last for years. Mine has!

Smiggle Water Bottle

Every child needs a good quality water bottle when they go back to school and with the weather we’ve been having Sylvia’s new Smiggle water bottle could not have come at a better time. In fact we recently went on a trip to Blackpool and Sylvia used her Smiggle Water bottle for the first time.

The children’s water bottle which we got carries 650mls of water and is BPA free. The water bottle has a tritan body and a flip tip spout to avoid spilling. Sylvia will be using her bottle at a school as each child is asked to bring in a personal water bottle to help stay hydrated in the classroom.

I do love the patterns on the Smiggle bottles and again speaking from experience these bottles last much longer than other bottles we have had in the past.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to review these products from the back to school Smiggle rage. The products were sent as samples for the purpose of review. This is an honest review and they are items we would usually purchase. 


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    1. I hadn’t heard of smiggle a few years ago but now we are in Lancashire and I discovered it, I do love it.

  1. all the compartments sound so useful and so does the name label- especially if they’re so popular you want to keep them labelled 🙂

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