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Change Checker – A Coin Collecting Phenomenon

Are you a fan of coin collecting? I am! I began collecting coins as a child and then restarted my coin collecting hobby again in 2010 after returning home to the United Kingdom. Coin collecting is something I’ve always enjoyed, be it collecting foreign coins, historical coins or recently released 2019 coins.

I love being a coin collector and today I’m excited to share with you my coin collecting passion and my new Beatrix Potter coin collection.

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What Is Change Checker? 

Change Checker is the home of UK change collecting. In a nutshell, this fantastic resource provides, tools, information, coins and support for you to begin building your very own coin collection.

Whether you’ve been collecting coins for some time or you are starting out your change checker coin collection, the online shop has some pretty amazing coins and there are also fantastic tools to make coin collecting a breeze such as the change checker app coin albums and much more.

Last week I was gifted the complete Change Checker collecting kit, along with a phonescope magnifier and the 2018 Beatrix Potter coin collection. I’m super excited to share these with you. 

Change Checker App

Before I share my new coin collection I’ll tell you a little about the Change Checker App. This is a fantastic online web app which you can visit for free to help find and identify the coins and change you have in your pocket or wallet.

You can also use the online Change Checker app to collect and track the coins that you have as well as to swap spare coins with other coin checkers.

I think that is a fantastic resource to have, especially if you’re close to a full set and need to make a trade in order to complete a coin collection.

It’s really easy to log onto the website using your computer or phone and you can and log the coins you have collected using the the online web collector app. 

Change Checker Album

You will love the Change Checker Album which I ordered as part of the Change Checker collecting kit. This new coin collection album is going to help me organise all my modern and rare coins which have been sitting in bags for some years.

Trust me, I have some fantastic coins which I almost forgot I owned. It was great getting them out and looking them up to see which coins were rare and valuable. 

The Change Checker Collector’s Album comes with six pages with slots for every commemorative £2 and 50p coin that is currently in circulation. The coin collecting album also has a pre 97 50p page and a pre 97 £2 page with ID cards.

There are also ID cards for the in the Change Checker album for the A-Z 10p coins which is super exciting! 

The coin album also has four spare pages with blank ID cards for duplicate or non UK coins. This is going to be super useful to me as I have a few duplicate 50p coins as well as some old Tongan coins from the Pacific Island of Tonga.

I’m excited to have a lovely new album which I will be using alongside the Change Checker App to better care for my Change Checker rare coins. 

I am also looking forward to collecting the A-Z 10p pieces and placing them into my new coin album.

The Beatrix Potter Coin Collection

I received the 2018 Beatrix Potter Collecting Pack in the mail and was so excited. We are huge fans of Beatrix Potter and my daughter even has Beatrix Potter Wallpaper in her room.

I’ve seen the Beatrix Potter Coins but not had a chance to collect them so I’m really excited to begin collecting the brilliantly designed Beatrix Potter 50 pence pieces.  

The complete Beatrix Potter pack includes four 2018 Beatrix Potter coins. These include:

  • Peter Rabbit
  • Flopsy Bunny
  • The Tailor of Gloucester
  • Mrs Tittlemouse

Change Checker Coin Magnifier 

Along with my new Beatrix Potter 50p coins I ordered a Change Checker Phonescope. This is a small magnifying camera that can be clipped onto your mobile device in order to look at your coins in finer detail. 

Having a phonescope is great for looking more closing at the design and craftsmanship of your coins and is a great tool for any coin checker! You can use the lens to make close up videos or take close up photos of your coins. The glass lens is easy to use and has a 30X magnification. 

Special Edition Coins 

Other special edition coins available from this fantastic coin checker store include:

  • The Gruffalo 50p coin
  • The Stephen Hawking 50p coin
  • The Snowman 50p coin

These coins won’t be available in circulation. They can’t be found in your change but are available in brilliant uncirculated quality and I’ve already asked my husband to order the Gruffalo 50p for our wedding anniversary which is next week! 

Become A Coin Checker Today! 

So what are you waiting for? Why not head over to the online web Change Checker App today and start collecting coins with the family.

I initially started collecting coins in the hope I could trade them in the future when my daughter gets married. However as my passion for coin collecting has grown, I have become more fond of my collection and I might just continue to grow it for as long as I can. 

*The above items were gifted from Change Checker*

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  1. Oh, wow! I never realised there was so much available for coin collecting – even an online app! Those Beatrix Potter coins are gorgeous!

    1. Yes, It can be so fun! I’m super excited about these new coins and my daughter has had fun marking the ones we own on the app and putting them into the album.

  2. I had no idea! My kid would love this as they are forever looking at coins in detail and looking for rare ones. I’ll show them this. I love the Beatrix Potter ones to – gorgeous!

  3. Never heard of Change Checker before but going to check them out as my son has recently started collecting coins. He has 3 of the Beatrix Potter coins which are his treasured possessions. Love the a-z 10p coins, they’re awesome.

  4. My youngest son would LOVE this! He was so chuffed to have found a 1992 10 pence coin the other day. He’s convinced it’s old and rare, lol!

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