5 Ways to Organize Your Pills

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Since the beginning of humankind, we have always said that food, clothing, and shelter are the primary survival needs. But as we have progressed, having and maintaining a healthy body has become a priority too. As people’s knowledge of the human anatomy has increased, we have discovered more ailments and treatments. Unfortunately, these treatments often consist of taking too many pills. Now, it is hard yet necessary for people who have multiple diseases to battle to keep track of what medicine they are supposed to have and when. Organization is the key, but frequently, people are lost as to how. In this blog, we will help you with exactly that, help you organize your pills.

Organize Your Pills

How to organize your pills:

1.    Use a pill organizer

One of the best ways to keep your pills organized and clean is to keep them in a pill organizer. You can keep your pills in different boxes, compartments, or pouches and label the days and times when you have to take them.

It is convenient, and you never have to worry about where you have kept a pill or when you have to take one.

One can find these organizers on a website called Dosey. They provide easy-to-use pill organizers made from environmentally friendly products. Check them out if you are looking for pill organizers!

2.    Use a pill tracking app

In this age of technology, there are apps for everything. There are apps for ordering food, booking flights, and even organizing your pills!

The only thing you have to do is enter what pills you have to take and when. After that, the app will regularly remind you every time you need to take a pill. However, it is still important to store your pills in a clean and safe place.

It’s kind of like an alarm that reminds you to take pills. Most of these apps are easy to use and make your daily lives much easier!

3.    Make a schedule

If you do not mind doing some work yourself and do not want to rely on an organizer or an app, you can always make a schedule yourself.

We suggest that you take a pen and paper, make a chart and write down exactly what pills you have to take, on which days and at what time.

For this to be further efficient, you can hang the chart up in a place you spend a lot of time at. For instance, you can hang it up on your refrigerator door or right beside your dressing mirror. This way, you’ll see the chart quite a number of times which will remind you to follow it.

4.    Single-dose pouches

This one requires a little more work but ultimately makes organizing pills easier.

Using a single dose pouch means that you take small zip-lock pouches, and in each, you put medicine for each dose. Then assign the day of the week, date, and time to each pouch. You have to place them in the order of consumption then, that is, keeping the next day’s pouch in the front, followed by the pouches needed for the day after, and so on.

Many pharmacies can do that for you on request, but you can do it yourself if you have got some time on your hands.

5.    Labelling pill bottles

Labeling pill bottles takes time, but it helps you in the long run.

Every time you buy pills, make sure to store them in cool, clear, and clean containers. Label them with their name, when to take it, whether after or before food, and other details. After you have sorted that out, put up your prescription in a place your eyes travel to repeatedly all day so that you remember to take the pills.

You can also set the alarm for every time you need to take pills in case you might forget.

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the end of this blog, we hope to have suggested effective methods of storing your pills. Remember to store your pills in safe and hygienic places and check their expiration dates every few weeks. We hope that you remember to take your pills with the help of our tips and stay healthy! Let us know what you thought of this blog in the comments!

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