Easy Monster Craft for Kids

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Today I am sharing this super fun and easy monster craft for kids. This monster paper craft is not only a fun Monster themed activity for kids, it has a great additional writing activity for older children too so it can work well for both preschool and older kids.

Cool Monster Names Activity

As you create this fun Monster craft with the little ones, you may want to talk about Monster names. You could come up with some fun monster names together and let your imaginations go wild. To get you started here are 10 Cool Monster names, we’ve picked out.

  • Mr Spooky
  • Ogre Boger
  • Hag
  • Dinky donk
  • Walnut
  • Spiggle
  • Slinky Paws
  • Eyeball Man
  • Thumperloop
  • Saucepan Man

Supplies Needed for This Fun Monster Craft

So now we are ready to show you this fun Monster craft. Here are the supplies you will need.

How to Make This Preschool Monster Craft

The first thing you need to do to make this fantastic monster craft is download and print off the template. You can get the download for free by signing up to our newsletter. You’ll find the download at the bottom of the page!

Cut out the pieces of your monster template. There are several elements from the monster head and horns to cute monster eyeballs and a mouth with wonky teeth.

After gluing the monster craft together you may want to place the monster on backing paper such as this black paper we used. Little ones may need a little help to create this monster. It doesn’t have to be perfect and as children practice cutting and gluing, they can develop basic fine motor skills.

Don’t forget to use this opportunity to talk to little children and come up with some new monster names. It’s a great extra focus to add to this Monster craft and can help with creativity and imagination building.


You can also print of the monster body, monster head, ears and arms in a different color if you wish to make several different colored monsters. We made blue but the choice is entirely up to you.

Here you have a cute and easy monster craft and activity idea. Next I’ll share how to turn this Monster activity into a writing project!

Make Your Monster Paper Craft Into a Writing Activity for Older Kids

Simply print off the lined paper and get the children to write about monsters, give their monster a name and do a small project piece on the topic.

This can make the activity last longer and allows kids to practice writing skills along with making and creating fun Monster art!

Busy Now? Don’t Forget To Pin This For Later

So what are you waiting for? Print off your free Monster template today. It’s available in our vip resource library!

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