A Day Out at Affinity Lancashire

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A Day Out At Affinity Lancashire

Yesterday Sylvia, John and I went on an outing to the Affinity Lancashire Outlet. Affinity Lancashire is a fantastic outlet shopping centre that is set on the tranquil marina in Fleetwood Lancashire. Affinity has over 45 famous stores a huge range of brands at fantastic discounted prices.

Affinity Lancashire is located in Fleetwood and with up to 60% off original retail prices. It’s a great place to find men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, footwear, gifts, homeware and accessories.

affinity lancashire marina

As we love to find bargains, we were excited to check out this fantastic shopping centre near our home in Lancashire and had a really awesome experience. I loved that the shopping centre is accessible and wheelchair friendly and that the centre allows you to bring your dogs along. That makes the place even better from my perspective and was such a fun experience.

Women’s Shoes at Affinity Lancashire

The first store we visited was the Hotter shoe store. I purchased a pair of Hotter shoes about 5 years ago and they are still my absolute favourite shoes to wear to this day.

Hotter shoe shop at affinity lancashire

We had a good look at the range in Hotter and I found two pairs of shoes that I loved. Originally costing around £100, I managed to get both pairs for £36 which I think was a real bargain.

Hotter shoe shop at affinity lancashire

I was super pleased with my purchase and finally have some really nice new shoes. It’s really exciting.

Children’s Fashion Stores at Affinity Lancashire

There are a number of fantastic outlet stores that stock children’s clothing. Some of my favourite stores had to be the K.I.D.S designer store, GAP and Next.

next outlet store at affinity lancashire

We took Sylvia into the shops to look for clothing her size. We found a few lovely items and in the end Sylvia chose a fantastic new dress top along with a wonderful Star Wars T-shirt that she absolutely loved. She will be modelling her new t-shirt on the future Sylvia’s style post.

kids fashion at affinity lancashire

I was really pleased to get items on sale which were much cheaper than at regular stores and being huge Star Wars fans this top was a real winner!

The Sweet Emporium at Affinity Lancashire

Sylvia and I loved visiting the Sweet Emporium at the outlet. There were so many sweets and lollies to choose from. We saw massive gobstoppers and Sylvia picked out a few picks and mix sweets which were super fun and quite nostalgic for me.

the sweet emporium at affinity Lancashire

I bought some chocolate nibbles and it was just super fun to look at everything in the store and see what was on offer.


The Works Affinity Lancashire

We love The Works and we had plans to look for some maths and English books to help Sylvia who is currently in year six.

choosing books at The Works Book store

We found a great selection of workbooks and chose a few which I’m sure will really help Sylvia in the coming months.

choosing books at The Works Book store

The Owls at Affinity Lancashire

We were fortunate to visit the shopping centre on a day when the Owls were visiting. The outlet often has visits from the Owls along with other birds of prey and I was told they often visit on the weekend.

owls at affinity lancashire shopping centre

Sylvia was so excited to see the Owls and she even got a chance to hold an Owl who happened to be called Ruby. The Owl was very well behaved and Sylvia had so much fun holding a beautiful bird of prey on her arm.

owls at affinity lancashire shopping centre

This was an added bonus which we hadn’t expected on our visit but was really fun.

Men’s Fashion at Affinity Lancashire

Since John and I got married, 5 Years ago, he has always worn the same suit. However, his Wedding suit has become quite tatty and is rather tight.

Visiting the shopping centre was the perfect opportunity to find a brand new men’s suit for John. There are a number of mens fashion stores and we loved the selection of suits in Suit Direct.

Sylvia and I helped John to choose a wonderful suit and we even picked out two matching ties. John was over the moon.

John also purchased a new coat from Mountain Warehouse which happens to be one of his favourite stores.

Children’s Activities at Affinity Lancashire

Last time we visited the shopping centre in Fleetwood, we were able to meet and greet some wonderful farm animals. Affinity Lancashire never fails to disappoint. There is a playground area, checkers on the floor for a fun game and this week there have been some wonderful Halloween activities.

halloween crafts at affinity lancashire

Sylvia went into the Halloween Arts and Crafts centre where she had the opportunity to make Slime. Sylvia loves slime and had so much fun.

There were also other Halloween activities including colouring-in, creating and face painting which was all free for the kids. Sylvia opted not to get her face painted as she sometimes has an allergic reaction but this is something many children enjoyed.

meeting halloween characters at affinity lancashire

We even got to meet some Halloween characters which Sylvia really enjoyed. I think that was the highlight of the day.

The Grand Opening of Katie’s Cupcakes

Yesterday a new store Katie’s opened. This is a fantastic Cupcake cafe which a range of food and drinks available. There is indoor and outdoor seating and the store was packed.

katie's cupcakes at affinity lancashire

Sylvia had a hot chocolate and chose a witch-themed cupcake which she really enjoyed. We then went on to look in more shops including, Hallmark, where I purchased a keyring for my mum for Christmas, some jewellery and accessories stores as well as the Fragrance Store, The Body Shop and a few more of my favourites.

Our Day at Affinity Outlet Lancashire

We had a fantastic time while we visited the shopping centre. Sylvia loved the fun activities and shopping experience. John came away with his new suit, ties and coat and I had a lot of fun in a makeup store which was moving location and therefore every single item in-store was only £1.

It was amazing and I got some awesome beauty items for around 95% off the original prices, from nail polish to lipsticks, makeup brushes and more. I am super excited and will be sharing my makeup haul next week.

Sylvia loved making slime so much that she was excited to buy her own DIY Slime kit from Claires and we finished the day off with a bite to eat.

We really had a fantastic outing and will be visiting Affinity Outlet Lancashire again in the future. There are plenty of things to do, items to buy and at such great prices.

We had a lovely day and enjoyed our visit.

*In Partnership With Affinity Outlet Lancashire*

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  1. It looks like such a fab event, and a fantastic selection of shops! Two pairs of shoes for £36 is an absolute bargain, and I am a huge fan of The Works!

  2. It seems like everyone is talking about Affinity Lancashire at the moment! I really hope we can visit next time we’re in the area 🙂

    Louise x

  3. Oh I do love centres like this! Those Hotter shoes were an absolute bargain! I love them too. Kaz

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