Why Makeup Is Crucial for Gaining Views and Subscribers on YouTube

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One of the most renowned digital platforms, YouTube, which initially launched in 2005, has radically altered how content is distributed to audiences across the globe. This means, that simply releasing a musical hit and expecting engagement may not be the optimal strategy since visual appeal plays a key role. Modern artists should pay equal attention to organic YouTube promotion and best practices in content creation. 

Famous beauty and makeup vloggers like Jeffrey Star and Bethany Mota have worked to expand the makeup artistry niche on YouTube. With higher earnings of musicians who have evolved their musical journey alongside their makeup looks and YouTube is a platform where visual appeal can draw viewers, the question as to whether musicians should utilize makeup as a tool for garnering subscribers has become prevalent. 

Makeup’s Role in Enhancing Visual Appeal – Does It Actually Work?

For years now, women with makeup have been regarded as having “status” and being appealing, especially those who are in the music and entertainment industry. Numerous studies conducted over the years suggest that wearing makeup might affect how one is seen, particularly a woman’s likeability and primarily her competence. This is why makeup has evolved into an essential and crucial instrument for gaining success in the digital sphere for artists uploading on YouTube and other music platforms.

The primary reason for it having such a significant and direct influence on the number of views is the nature of subscribers who value quality and associate it with well produced music videos. This is why when users are scrolling through countless music videos, they are more likely to click on a thumbnail that features a visually appealing musician with stunning makeup and style.

Building a Valuable Musical Community Through Your On-Screen Presence 

In the lives of many, their favorite artists are their gurus who they connect and resonate with. This is why a confident on-screen presence by artists is crucial to retaining a large fan base. This is where the magic of makeup comes into play and musicians are encouraged to utilize it to appear confident and put together for their fans.

The manner in which they present themselves establishes an aesthetic that a niche of listeners are more likely to be drawn towards, this can assist musicians with building a loyal community of viewers.

Establishing an Image Through Personalized Style & Makeup

Your makeup style plays a crucial role in creating a distinctive image for yourself. With the competition among emerging artists in the music industry, the only way to increase your reach is by developing a personal brand.

The easiest way to do so is by showcasing your unique style and signature makeup looks in every video you post. Whether it be you freestyling a song on the guitar or a music video of your new release, make sure to wow the audience with some impressive makeup looks.

Following their distinct and personalized makeup looks, musicians like Rihanna and Britney have amassed a sizable following across all platforms, surpassing the million viewer mark on their over-the-top music videos on YouTube.


Being Authentic & Maintaining Views – Finding The Right Balance

Successful artists are known for their authenticity, which is also the sole way for them to establish an influential yet huge fan base. So, it’s essential to recognize that whilst garnering views and appearing visually appealing with makeup is crucial, maintaining viewer engagement and targeting the right audience is best done by finding a balance and working on being authentic with one’s style and persona. Copy textCopy HTMLRefuseTake to work

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