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Mississippi is a name every school-going child loves. It sounds so cool that they spell it in chant songs. 

But there is more to this state than its spelling. Mississippi has some of America’s most mouth watering cuisines, pristine sandy beaches, antebellum mansions, and a rich history that the whole family can enjoy. 

If you are new to Mississippi and don’t have an idea of the places to visit, this guide can offer you some options that you can consider for a wholesome family experience.


Almost everyone loves the beach; your kids will love it if you don’t. Biloxi is the perfect getaway if you are looking for an exciting beach escape weekend. Although it’s also known for its casinos which may not be so much of a family attraction, it has a ton of fun-packed kid’s attractions.

Some major kid-friendly attractions in Biloxi include the INFINITY Science Center. If your kids love the mysteries of space exploration, they will have the time of their life at the INFINITY Science Center. They can enjoy realistic space shuttle landing simulators and test a realistic space shuttle engine. 

Another attraction for your kids in Biloxi is the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, the Mississippi aquarium, and the Big Play Entertainment Center. The Big Play Entertainment Center features games and fun activities such as laser tag video games, mini golf, bowling, and bumper cars guaranteeing to satisfy you and kids of all ages.


You can not speak of having a Mississippi experience if you have not visited its capital, Jackson. Being the capital and the most populous city in Mississippi, Jackson has no shortage of fun-filled activities for the whole family. 

One of the places you may want to visit in Jackson is the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. While young kids may not be so much into history, it’s a great place to visit as it allows them to see America in light of earlier generations’ struggles to attain the freedoms they enjoy. 

After a trip down history lane, you may also want to pass by Mississippi’s Children’s Museum, which may be more relatable to your kids. Other fun attractions in the city include the Jackson zoo, Winners Circle Park, Lemuria Books, and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Sciences.


Mississippi features prominently in the history of music and art. It’s the birthplace of the American music legend Elvis. The house where the music legend was born is a tourist attraction in Tupelo, Mississippi. 

But Tupelo is not the only place in Mississippi with a rich musical history. Clarksdale features quite prominently as the origin of the Blues genre of music. So, if you are into music, a visit to the Mississippi blues museum can give you a deep insight into the history of delta blues music, which is guaranteed to have you appreciating your music even more. 

Riding on a canoe down the mighty Mississippi river can be fun for the members of your family that may not appreciate the history of music. If you want the best canoe riding experience, you may want to ride with the nationally renowned Quapaw Canoe Company. The company goes beyond offering canoe services to include guided tours along the rich history of the Mississippi River.

Clarksdale, Mississippi, is great if you love bird hunting or fishing. The Mississippi Delta is a bird’s haven thanks to the Mississippi river. From wild ducks, turkeys, geese, and quails, you will find it all here. 

The Mississippi Delta is also a paradise for fishing. Whether you want to catch some for food or fun, this is the place to visit. If you are visiting for hunting, you may want to book hunting tour guides from the many companies in operation in Clarksdale. 

Gulf Port

This coastal Mississippi city was founded through the efforts of William Hardy and funded by the fortune of Joseph Jones, a civil war veteran. Today Gulf Port is the second largest state in Mississippi and serves as the county seat of Harrison County. Like other big cities, it has plenty of family attractions you and your family are bound to enjoy.

Major attractions in Gulf port include The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. The institute’s primary purpose is the research and conservation of marine animals. But it also offers interactive exhibits and entertainment suitable for people of all ages to raise funds and awareness. So if you are visiting GulfPort, this institute is a place you do not want to miss.

Another attraction that is sure to leave your young ones entertained is the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum. The rail museum features the largest LEGO ®, a scale model of the state’s railroad system, and the kids enjoy riding on actual trains. Other attractions include Jones Park, Gulf Islands Water Park, and Zip’N Fun Adventure Park.

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