A New Plan for November Blog Goals

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A New Plan for November Blog Goals

Last month was very difficult for me as I was really unwell. I am always sick, I have a a number of Chronic health conditions which make me permanently unwell but things got much worse when I caught a virus that turned to pneumonia.

It really set me back and stopped me in my tracks. As a result I had some time to reflect and think about The Inspiration Edit and what I really want from my blog in the coming months.

A New Plan For November Blog Goals

I decided to cut back in a huge way, to focus a little more on family lifestyle posts and to spend more time resting and coping with my illness. I’d like to share more of my story once more and share more Inspiration Edits which I often write with the most passion.

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Blog Goals for November

I usually get around 60 thousand page views per month. However in November I will only be blogging around 3 times a week and as a result I do expect a reduction in content to be reflected in views.

Since I began The Inspiration Edit back in October 2016, I’ve had over 1.9 Million views and so if I reach half my usual amount (30K) of views this month, I’ll be super pleased as I will reach a personal milestone of 2 Million page views.

I try not to compare myself to others because every blogger is different. Some bloggers have lots more page view than others, some have a better social media following or better paid opportunities. My goal is to improve The Inspiration Edit by looking at how far I have come since 2016.

Page views are not the be all and end all of blogging but for me I would like to end the year with a nice round figure of 2 Million.

Thoughtful Blog Posts

Although I will have some reviews, a gift guide and a few collaborative posts in November, my focus will be to focus more on sharing our family life and myself sharing more of my life story. After all, that is what my blog is supposed to be about, my life, the story and life we have created and are creating.

I plan to share some Inspiration Edits this month. The goal is to write three pieces about my life that might help others or Inspire others in similar situations.

Blog Reviews for November

I am not looking for paid opportunities in November. In fact, I decided due to my health, I am going to just enjoy reviewing a few items and that I’ll take a step back for a while.

If an opportunity comes along and is something I feel I can do, then I may take up the opportunity, however I’m not going to stress over finding collaborations.

In the coming week we have a Brio train track to review, a Star Wars toy from Hasbro and later in November we are reviewing a huge Christmas Tree and the Rug Doctor Deep Cleaning Machine.

I’m also sharing two gift guides. One is a mini guide for tweens and then a geeky gift guide, which I am yet to create. It’s going to have Harry Potter, Star Wars and other geeky but fun items.

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A New Social Media Plan

So whilst I rest up more in November I will be working with Emmi, a social media specialist who is giving me some coaching and going to help me to improve different aspects of my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I have social media growth goals to reach by the end of 2018 and I’m on track which is good but I have to work hard and put in the effort.

I have to implement the things I have planned and work hard to continue to grow in the social media areas that are important to me. One of my goals is to reach 15K followers on Pinterest by the end of the year. I am on track and am positive I can do this!

October was a great month and I had a monthly social reach of 7 Million! Hard work does pay off!

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Instagram Goals

By the end of the month I am also hoping to have a 10K following on Instagram. This will enable me to use the Swipe Up feature on Instagram and give my audience the option of swiping through to my blog to read my articles and posts.

I’ve recently missed out on opportunities because I did not have Swipe Up. I really don’t know if it will make much difference but it’s something I look forward to having the option of using.

I am working so so hard on Instagram. In October I made a great effort to engage with others, to comment and like the posts I like. I also created highlight boards, improved my profile and most importantly I put so much more effort into curating the best pictures I could for my Instagram feed.

This week I’ve shared some Disney Princess themed posts which I am really pleased with.

Snow White

I will keep working on this and see how things go. I really do plan for Instagram to be a big focus in 2019 and I started my plan in October. I just have to keep putting in the effort to reach my goals.

So that’s where I am at. I am still going to work hard on the blog but in different areas and I am going to balance this with resting more and being the healthiest I can be with my health conditions.

What are your goals for November?

P.s It’s my birthday this month and I do hope to get my hair done…. not a blog goal but a personal one! I just have to figure out what colour to have.



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