The Best Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

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The Best Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

If your anything like me you will be starting to think about what to buy the kids for Christmas. Each year I find myself taking my child to the toy store to point out the things she likes so I have an idea of what to get her for Christmas. In fact I’ve asked her to write a list of ideas for Santa and hopefully I can buy a few items on the list. I know the big ticket items for Sylvia this year are My Little Pony, Shopkins and Num Noms. Those are the things she really would like. So with this said I am sharing some fabulous ideas for kids for Christmas, both for the stocking and under the tree.

christmas gifts for kids

The items we are sharing have been reviewed on The Inspiration Edit in 2017, or samples of the products have been sent to us or I genuinely really love the products and can honestly recommend them.

Angela x

peppa pig toys

Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan

The Alphaphonics Campervan is a fun and interactive way to help little ones learn the alphabet. Select from 8 options – find the missing letter, choose the word that begins with a letter,
or repeat what Peppa says. With light-up keys and melodies, the Alphaphonics Campervan is sure to inspire little ones to learn and have fun.

RRP £22.99

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Elf Rocket

Blast off into space with Ben Elf in his space outfit. Open up the doors, to reveal the control room. With; take-off and landing sounds, 4 fun phrases, a torch light (with flashing & steady modes), rotating magic jelly fuel & carry handle! For ages 3 years and over.

RRP £19.99

Peppa’s Family Home Playset

This huge Peppa Pig’s Home is packed full of furniture accessories and includes an articulated Peppa Pig figure too. There are lots of rooms for Peppa to play in: Kitchen, living
room, bedroom, bathroom, office and attic room. With classic styling, just like the show and scaled for play with the other Peppa Pig figures, vehicles & playsets, you can have hours of
imaginative fun!

RRP £39.99

my little pony

My Little Pony Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle Playset

My daughter has this amazing My Little Pony Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle playset and she plays with it a lot. The fun 2 in 1 playset has the underwater kingdom of Seaquestria and above the land of Canterlot. The set comes with over 33 accessories including Queen Novo and Puffer Fish. Click here to watch our unboxing video.

RRP £79.99

Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony

Pinkie Pie the Sea Pony has a mermaid style tail which flaps and enables Pinkie Pie to swim in water. This is a fun toy and my daughter loves to play with her Pinkie Pie Sea Pony in the bath. This is a fun toy and comes with a brush to keep Pinkie Pie’s hair combed. Read our review of Pinkie Pie here.

RRP £19.99

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle is the most amazing interactive My Little Pony. Twilight Sparkle is the perfect companion and has 4 modes. She can sing, tell stories, be a friend and create magic. See her Hoofs move, her eyes flutter and horn light up. This is a fantastic and fun Pony which is sure to make the kids happy this Christmas. My daughter loves her Twilight Sparkle – You can read the review here.

RRP £139.99

Cheeky Monkeys by Orchard Games

Cheeky Monkeys is a fun game where there’s no hanging around as you battle to collect the most bananas – but watch out for other players trying to steal them! Designed for children aged 4-8, this game of chance encourages children to think strategically and make decisions. Read our review of Cheeky Monkeys here.

RRP £12.99

Fairy Snakes and Ladders

Traditional favourites are given an exciting, magical twist in Fairy Snakes & Ladders and Ludo. Players must race to the enchanted treehouse in Fairy Snakes & Ladders, or turn the board over and gather counters at the fairy ring in the magical game of Ludo.

RRP £9.50

Monopoly Ultimate Banking

Introducing a modern banking version of the Monopoly game, The Ultimate Banking Edition of Monopoly features an all-in-one Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology that makes the game fast and fun. Now players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Each player gets a bankcard and the Ultimate Banking unit keeps track of everyone’s fortunes. My daughter is getting this game for Christmas and she has no idea.

RRP £24.74

NumNoms Go Go Cafe Playset

The Go-Go Cafe Playset is the perfect playground for Num Noms. Stack your favourite Num on top of your motorised Nom and let them loose in the playground! Watch them “splash” in the teapot shower, have a ride on the teeter totter saucer, or take a spin in the donut wheel!

RRP £14.98

Shopkins Apple Blossom Shoppies Doll

My daughter is a super fan of Shopkins and collects the Shoppies Doll range. Today we are sharing Apple Blossom the very first Shoppie Doll. If your looking to buy a Shoppie doll this Christmas Apple Blossom is a great doll to start with. See our Shoppies Dolls review here.

RRP £14.99

Shopkins Shoppies Skyanna’s Jet Playset

Introducing the new fabulously fashionable travel Shoppies Dolls! The Shoppies Skyanna’s Jet playset comes with an exclusive Skyanna pilot doll, 3 exclusive Shopkins characters, a Jet plane playset, a suitcase, an exclusive luggage bag, a cart, a suitcase, a passport, a hairbrush and a VIP card. This was on my daughter’s Christmas wish list and we were fortunate to be able to review it this week.

RRP £49.97 

star wars fans

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Extendable Staff

The Star Wars Forces of Destiny Extendable Staff is a fantastic toy for any budding Star Wars fan. My daughter is a fan of Rey and this staff can spin and snap out to over 3.5 feet lonG. It’s a really great size for kids to use while acting out Star Wars scenes or reenacting scenes on the planet Jakku. Check out our full review of the Star Wars Extendable Staff here.

RRP £21.99

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey Of Jakku Figure

This is a great action figure for any boy or girl to enjoy. Rey is brave, true to her friends, and stands up for what she believes in! This highly-poseable figure features beautiful rooted hair, and a draped top, shirt, belt with scavenger bag, shoes, arm wraps, bracelet, and backpack she can be dressed in to get her ready for adventure.

RRP £19.99

Star Wars Rey High Bot From Po-Zu

These Star Wars themed high boots are the perfect gift for a fan of Star Wars Heroine Rey. PO-ZU have a fabulous collection of Star Wars themed boots which are sustainable and made from materials such as organic cotton, pineapple -leaf fibre and cork. These boots are a great addition for the Rey costume and great to wear in the Autumn and Winter seasons.

RRP £95

Grit Extremist Iced Blue Stunt Scooter

The Grit Extremist Iced Blue 2018 Stunt Scooter is a great beginner scooter for a rider wanting to get into Scooting and trying it out for the first time. Sylvia has been asking for a scooter for over a year and she is now going to receive this wonderful scooter for Christmas.

RRP £99.95

Nikko Psycho Gyro Radio Control Car

The Nikko Psycho Gyro is a fantastic Radio Control Car. Its Gyro Stunt technology lets racers spin their cars around on two wheels. Even wilder, kids can do spins and stunts on just one wheel! You control the stunts. This racer has speed and stamina and is ready to rip up the road! The high grip tyres allow for high performance traction both indoors and out. The Nikko Psycho Gyro is available from Argos, Debenhams, Menkind, Hamley’s and SMYTHS.

RRP £59.99

Cat Buildin’ Crew Take-A-Part Buddies™ 

 Perfect for developing co-ordination skills the classic take-a-part play sets include a motorised socket driver drill. Little ones can experience the fun of building and removing the parts themselves. There are 2 fun characters to collect including; Haulin’ Harry™ and Movin’ Morgan™. This toy is for Ages 3+ and is available from Morrisons, Toymaster and Debenhams.

RRP £19.99

Doc Educational Smart Robot

Doc Educational Smart Robot enables children to learn as they play while programming commands. Doc is the first ever game that brings children closer to Educational robotics in a fun and creative way. The Doc Educational Smart Robot can be programmed to roam at will or follow pre-programmed routes.

RRP £16.99

Chatty Charlie The Barkin Beagle By FurReal

Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle is ready to play… and his favourite game is responding to YOU! The cuddly pup’s light-up collar translates his barks into phrases so you can understand him. And with 80+ barks to phrases, he has a lot to say! Read our review of Chatty Charlie here.

RRP £55.99

Kurio Watch 2.0

The Kurio Watch is The Ultimate Smart Watch built for kids. Pre-loaded with 20 apps for motion gaming, education and social communication with a multi-function screen. The Smart watch can take pictures with filters, record videos, text, play music, play videos, activity track, translate key language phrases and can also operate as a hands free kit for an Android Smartphone/Tablet. This is a fabulous gift for a child and Sylvia is getting one of these for Christmas.

RRP £79.99

wooden toys

Hape Pepe Magnetic Stacker

This Hape Pepe Magnetic Stacker is a great stacking toy for little ones. Made with colourful wooden rings this toy can help to develop hand-eye co-ordination as well as colour recognition skills.

RRP £14.99

Hape Sights & Sounds Railway Set

The Hape Sights and Sounds Railway Set is a sure favourite for Christmas. This train set is rainbow coloured and includes fun musical sections of track. This product is great for helping children with sound recognition, hand eye coordination skills and sparking the imagination.

RRP £54.95

Hape Peg Puzzle Clock 

This Hape Peg Puzzle Clock is a fantastic toy for developing motor skills but also learning basic numbers, the minutes, and the hours. This puzzle clock can has plenty of colours and shapes and is a really nice educational toy for little ones.

RRP £19.95

George Luck Amazing Animal Alphabet Puzzle.

This fantastic animal puzzle makes learning the alphabet fun. Kids can learn the names of animals, talk about colours and develop hand eye co-ordination skills as they play with this fun and entertaining toy.

RRP £30.00

Snazaroo Mini Theme Face Paint Pack

The easy at-home range by  Snazaroo features ten “how to” face paint designs. This could be a fun and fab gift for the little ones and is the perfect stocking filler to help recreate your child’s favourite characters.

RRP £2.99

The 242C Money Box from Gifted Dancer

RRP £4.95

This adorable money box is perfect for storing pocket money or pennies for dance class. Featuring an adorable print of ballerinas and a friendly cat against a spotted pink background, and the inspirational Follow Your Dreams text on the top of the box, this money box makes the perfect gift for young dancers.

The BACKP Ballet Backpack from Tyrrell Katz

This adorable children’s backpack has handy adjustable straps for a personalised, comfortable fit. With a side pocket for storing that essential water bottle, and a front pocket for keeping clips, pens, and all your other little bits and bobs, this backpack is the perfect companion for school or dance class. The cute ballet position print is wonderful for little dance lovers!

RRP £19.95

BIC KIDS Kid Couleur Rainbow Case

Your child never needs to fret about losing a pen cap again with this innovative stand-up, rainbow-effect case that keeps the pens and lids all in one. Enabling these pens to be displayed in harmony, this problem-solving pen case is full of a dozen medium-tip, felt-tip pens to take any piece of artwork up a notch.

RRP £4.99

Did you spot anything you’d like? Do let me know what your favourite item is.

Angela x

About Angela Milnes

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy instant pot recipes here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  1. Thanks for some great ideas! A lot of my friends have children of these ages now so this will help me a lot!

  2. All these toys look great! I love playing Monopoly. Not only for kids then! When I was younger, I could only swear by Playmobil! such a great toy!

  3. These are some great picks! If my daughter were smaller, she’d love them. She used to play with My Little Pony toys ALL the time.

  4. My boys are pretty simple when it comes to gifts. For the teenager its video games and iTunes cards. For my pre-teen it’s video games, and plushies of those video games. He also still loves anything to do with space, sharks, Godzilla, and art. He has also gotten into a few books this year. I remember the my little pony days though. He collected all of them, then that fazed out and he gave them to his cousin:)

    1. yes i know what Sylvia is into at the moment …It took a while to work out but Shoppie Dolls are number one on her christmas list.

  5. This is a great gift guide. I am sure Start Wars toys will be a popular gift this year. I will have to share this with my friends with kids.

  6. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping so this is helpful for me. I agree that these are the best toys and kids will surely love any from this!

  7. Great ideas. Gosh I love wooden toys ! They are timeless aren’t they ?! You’ve given me some inspiration ! Thank you

  8. Definitely My Little Pony for me.. I wish I had friends with girls at an age when they are already playing with these toys so I can join in haha

  9. So many great gift ideas! Such a nice guide in thinking of what to give this Holiday season. I personally would want the Little Pony collection and the Kuro Smart Watch.

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