Top 20 Creative Baby Photoshoot Prop Ideas for You in 2022

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Whether you are shooting simply to display baby pictures or wanting to make money, baby photoshoots can be quite the challenge. Baby photography is all about baby pictures and props used in baby pictures. You want to create baby photos that are one of a kind. This is something that needs creativity and imagination on many levels. 

Baby Photoshoot Props 

The baby photoshoot prop is one of the essential items in baby photography. It will helpyoumake your baby more comfortable, make her smile on camera, and thus increase the likelihoodof getting a great photo.

Photography backdrops are also important in making the photos look good. For example with the right backgrounds involving props, the picture maybe more attractive. The backdrops appeal viewers and can make them want to stop and see your work.

Please find below the top ten baby photoshoot props. You can use these images as inspiration for your perfect baby photoshoot! Here are some baby props for 2022. 

Baby Hats 

The baby cap is one of the most used baby photoshoot props. It will help you make your babymore comfortable, and it won’t fall off easily during the baby photography session. Findbelowcute baby caps for every season! 

Winter Baby Hats

Grey rabbit hat with a pom poM, blue beret with a blue bow and navy bonnet with a white flower 

Spring/Summer Baby Hats

White sunhat with a red flower and a green leaf and pastel pink bonnet with a strawflower on top, worn backward 

Autumn Baby Hats

Black pumpkin hat all over decorated with red autumn leaves black bowtieontheside and a baby black bonnet with a big red bow

baby with baby hat

Baby Mittens 

The baby mittens are great baby photoshoot props! They will keep your baby’s hands warmandgive you beautiful images, especially if she is about to grab something. Find belowcutebabymittens for different seasons! 

Winter Mittens

Grey gloves with pompom in hot pink color and navy blue baby gloves with raspberry lining inside. 

Autumn Mittens

Light yellow beige baby gloves made of wool felt fabric, decorated with autumn leaves in yellow-green orange colors. 

Spring/Summer Mitttens

White cotton glove decorated with white flower spring motifs on the back of the hand and baby pink baby mittens with a cute baby bird

baby mittens

Burp Cloths 

The baby burp cloths are great props to use when you want your baby to look like she is feedingher baby doll. However, they can be used in various other baby photoshoot settings! Findbelowsome cute baby burp cloths for every season! 

Winter Baby Burp Cloths

A grey baby blanket decorated with little white stars all over it and tied up on both ends with big red ribbons and red plaid baby blanket decorated with white dots all over it and tied up on one end with a huge bow. 

Spring/Summer Baby Burp Cloths

Blue star print cotton baby burp cloth with baby blue polkadot baby blanket tied up on both ends with baby bows and Ivory baby burp cloth decorated with baby elephants all over it and tied up on one end with a baby bow. 

Baby Bibs 

Newborn photographers often use the baby bib to make their baby look like she is feedingher baby doll. It can also be used in various other settings!

The baby bib will help you make your baby more comfortable, especially if she wants to grab something. Find below some cute baby bibs for every season! 

Winter Baby Bib

Navy blue baby bib all over decorated with little white snowflakes.

Spring/Summer Baby Bib

White baby bib with baby blue polka dots all over it.

Autumn Baby Bib

Black baby bib decorated with red autumn leaves.


The baby blanket or swaddle is perhaps the most important baby photoshoot prop after thebabyhat! It will keep your baby’s hands warm and give you beautiful images, especially if sheisabout to grab something. You can find below some cute baby blankets for every season!

Winter Baby Blanket

Light grey baby blanket decorated with little white snowflakes all over it and a red plaid cotton baby blanket wrapped around the baby doll, tied up on one end with a big bow 

Spring/Summer Baby Blanket

Light blue baby blanket decorated with baby blue polka dots all over the baby blanket 

Spring/Summer Baby Swaddle

White baby swaddle wrapped around the baby doll, tied upon one end with a baby bow. 

Autumn Baby Blanket

Black tartan cotton baby blanket wrapped around the baby doll, tied up on one end with a huge red ribbon 

baby wrapped in swaddling

Baby Dolls 

The baby doll is perhaps the most crucial baby photoshoot prop after the baby hat! It will help

you make your pictures look more realistic, and they won’t fall off easily during the newborn photography session.

Find below some cute newborn props for babies of different ages! Newborn baby dolls: 

● Baby doll in a baby blanket 

● Baby doll dressed in a baby bib and baby hat 

Hooded Towel for Newborns 

The hooded towel is a must-have baby photoshoot prop for every studio! The hood will cover your newborn’s head so he won’t be bothered by the lights and will make your baby looklikeababy angel. It can be used in various other baby photoshoot settings as well! Find belowsomecute newborn baby hooded towels! 

Winter Baby Hooded Towel

Yellow baby towel with a baby snowman all over it and white baby towel decorated with little blue snowflakes all over it.

Spring/Summer Baby Hooded Towel

Light blue baby towel decorated with polka dots of different colors all over it 

Teething Ring 

The teething ring is easy to make baby Photoshop prop! Wrap cotton on both ends of ateethingring and decorate it with ribbon, bows, or other decorations! It will look like your baby is feedingher teething ring. Find below some cute baby props for newborn photography! 

Winter/Autumn Baby Teething Rings

Baby red polka dot baby prop decorated with baby blue ribbon and baby light blue baby prop wrapped around the baby doll with baby big bows.

Spring/Summer Baby Teething Rings

Baby pink teething ring wrapped around the babydoll with baby blue ribbon and baby white baby prop decorated with little flowers all over it. 

Socks for Newborn Photography 

The socks are perhaps one of the easiest baby Photoshop props you can use! You canbuynewborn baby socks or make them on your own.

All you have to do is put some cotton on top of the socks and decorate them with ribbon, bows, or other decorations! Find below some great baby photoshoot setting ideas using newborn baby socks! 

Winter/Autumn Baby Photoshoots

White multi-colored tiny flower pattern baby sock decorated with lace around the edges and grey multi-colored tiny flower pattern baby sock decorated with lace around the edges. 

Spring/ Summer Baby Photoshoots

baby pink baby sock decorated with baby yellow baby bows and baby blue baby sock decorated with baby light blue baby ribbon.

baby socks pegged out on washing line

For more prop tips, tutorials and DIY ideas for portrait photography, in order to level up your photography skills, Katebackdrop Blogs will help you.

Amazing Prop Craft Ideas That Can Improve Your Photoshoot 

Many people will go for simply typical baby prop ideas like baby dolls, typical babyprams/strollers, typical baby blankets, typical baby hats. These are great photo props but don’t limit yourself! There are so many more options when it comes to taking amazing photographsof the newborn. Here are fantastic prop ideas that will help you capture the sweetness of your babyuniquely and beautifully. 


The colors, shapes, and sizes are all up to you regarding these photogenic props. Whether you want to tie them around their body or put them in their hands, they makefor great backdrops behind your child. 


There is so much you can do with florals when it comes to photographingababy. You can have them sit among the flowers, lie on top of them, or even stand in their petals.

Rattles and Teethers

All babies love toys that they can teethe/bite on. These itemsmakefor a great prop in baby photos since they add a cute little twist to your images.


There are so many fabrics you can use to take pictures of babies with fabric props. Be creative and have fun with it! Let the fabric flow behind them, lay them on top of it. The possibilities are endless. 

Whimsical Bows

Whether it’s a headband, bow tie, a tutu, there are a million and one ways to create an adorable prop with bows and bow ties. 

Baby Shoes

These make for amazing props in baby photos! Think about it: Their tinytoes, their little soles. It is a great shot every time. 

Stuffed Animals

Furry friends make for great photo props because babies love tocuddleup to them. Make your subjects comfortable and happy by surrounding themwiththeir favorite toys/stuffed animals! 


Babies love sitting in chairs, whether it’s a regular chair, a plastic baby bathtub, or even the table that you eat on at home. Baby pictures are extra special when theysit insomething that is truly theirs! 

Other Babies

Get your baby friends together and take photos of themplaying or cuddlingup with each other. There is nothing cuter than a photo of children interacting in someway. ●


This prop will surely make for great pictures, and they can easily be customizedtofit any style or theme.

child with balloon

How to Craft or DIY Photoshoot Props Step by Step

Photoshoot props are one of the most important things to have for your photoshoots. Youcan’t go wrong with photoshoot props if they fit the photoshoot theme.

If you want to make photoshop props yourself, here are some instructions! 

Make Your Fabric Headbands 

You probably don’t want to spend money buying new fabric headbands every time your photoshoots need it [or even when that’s NOT what you need].

The solution? Make your fabric headbands that fit your needs and style! It would be perfect if you already knew how to use a sewing machine (and even better). Still, it’s unnecessary because this DIY photoshoot prop is simple and easy enough for everyone to do without any sewing experience! 


● The fabric of your choice (about 2 meters) 

● Scissors or fabric cutter 

● Measuring tape or ruler 

● Elastic string [or thread, depends on the type of headband you prefer]

● Needle and needle threader [if using elastic string] 

How to Make Photoshoot Props With This DIY Photoshop Prop Tutorial 

Make sure that your fabric is cut correctly. You need an oblong rectangle with the width being about 20cm.

The length of the rectangle would depend on preference, but it must be around 49cm long. 

Sew one end of the fabric to another side. You can do this by hand or with a machine.

Fold the photoshop prop in half and line up the two ends that are already sewn together.

Put your elastic string in between the fabrics, about 4 cm away from the photoshoot prop’s fold. 

Make sure that there are no gaps when you sew both ends of photoshoot props together to make photoshop props. When finished, cut excess threads if needed. 

Your photoshop prop is now completed! Now you have an adjustable photoshop prop for your photoshoots! 

Picture Frame Lace DIY Photoshoot Props 

With this DIY photoshoot prop tutorial, you’ll be able to make photoshop props for your photoshoots that fit the theme of something old and romantic! This photoshop prop is perfect if you want photoshoot props that are delicate yet strong enough to hold your camera. 

Materials for Lace Frame Prop

● Wooden picture frames [you can get these from your local thrift store or on eBay]

● The fabric of your choice 

● Lace edge trimmings [to give this photoshop prop a vintage feel]

How to Make Photoshoot Props With This DIY Photoshop Prop Tutorial 

Take out the glass in the wooden frame. If there is still some adhesive residue left, use paint thinner or acetone nail polish remover to clean it off. 

Cover photoshop prop’s frame with photoshoot prop fabric, making sure that photoshop prop is completely covered.

If using lace edge trimmings, place photo shoot props UNDER the lace photoshoot prop fabric.

The image below shows how photoshop props will look once the lace photoshoot prop fabric is added on top of the photoshop prop frame. 

Secure photoshop props in place by tucking them under one side first and then the other side.

Finally, secure it back to where you started, so your photoshoot props won’t move around when you attach them to picture frames again. 

Secure picture frames back together and puts your camera inside! You now have photoshoot props that are delicate yet strong enough for your camera. 

Create DIY Photoshoot Props using Paper Mache 

You should try out the photoshop prop tutorial below for photoshoot props that are versatileandcan be used in different photoshoots.

It’s easy enough for everyone to do and provides photoshop props that match different themes like metallic, vintage, or even something simple like plain colors!

If you want photoshop props with intricate details, though, this photoshop prop is perfect for you! 

Materials for Paper Mache Props

● Newspaper 

● Water 

How to Make Photoshoot Props With This DIY Photoshop Prop Tutorial 

First, cut newspaper into pieces that are suitable for the size of your project.

Then mix water with paste (the ratio would be one part of water to two parts of paste). 

Dip your photoshop prop in photoshop props mixture and make sure photoshop prop is wholly covered.

If photoshoot props aren’t sticking together, cover with a cloth and let it dry overnight. Make sure the photoshop prop is completely dry before you start removing your photoshoot props. 

Start at the bottom and peel the photoshoot prop off of the newspaper slowly.

Once the photoshop prop is entirely removed, your photoshoot props would look like this!

You can now use these photoshoots as DIY Props for different photoshoots such as school prom, homecoming, or even elegant parties!

Use Miscellaneous Household Items to Craft Photoshoot Props

If photoshop props are too expensive for your photoshoots or you’re simply looking tosavemoney, photoshoot props made from household items should be what you should look into!

Just like the photoshop prop tutorial above, you can use this photoshop prop tutorial to make photoshoot props that match any theme.

The photoshop prop tutorial below uses items found in every home, so it won’t cost you much while providing photoshop props that are sturdy and strong enough to hold your camera. 

Materials needed: 

● Ruler 

● Craft stick [or Popsicle stick] 

How to Make Photoshoot Props With this DIY Photoshop Prop Tutorial 

● Cut craft stick in half. Then cut the photoshop prop ruler to photoshop prop size.

● Insert photoshoot prop ruler halfway from photoshop prop craft stick. You can now take photo shoots with your cameras or smartphones! 

● Take photos using photoshoot props made from recycled materials

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