How to Make the Best Childhood Memories for Your Kids When You Are a Student Mom?

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Can you remember some of your favorite experiences or moments from your childhood? Maybe you can remember just some parts of it, and it is a blurry memory. But when you see some pictures and items, it all comes back, and you get hit with a nostalgia wave.

Focusing on your education while being a mother is not easy. You will have to deal with all the stress from your university or college courses, all the paper, and essay writing, and attending classes, and at the same time, as a mom, you will want to give your child the best and most fun memories.

Make Memories for Kids

Although you are not the only one, many mothers deal with this daily. Creating happy memories with children is proven to influence the child’s mental and physical health, meaning that it will not just give them nostalgia when they grow up, but it will also play a significant role in their overall well-being.  

Creating memories with family doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a lot of planning, but still, it can be hard to think of stuff to do, especially when not being a full-time mom, so the following are some ways in which you can make memories that your children will take into adulthood.

You can create photobooks or scrapbook your memories or make a calendar with pictures of the kids.

Family Traditions

Family traditions make every childhood memory unique. This doesn’t mean that your tradition should be traveling to an expensive island every summer. It can be something simple like:

  • Telling a story every night or reading chapters from books.
  • Have at least one meal a day together as a family.
  • Going on a vacation or camping every year, even for a few days.
  • Plan a ditch day in which you take your kid out of school for some bounding and fun
  • Movie Night, you can do this monthly, weekly, or yearly. Just make sure that all of you as a family dress up in pajamas, get some snacks, and watch an interesting movie.
  • Play Family games in the Yard, you can play croquet or bocce, you can even create tournaments that will add that extra fun.
  • If it gets too cold outside, continue the tradition inside with some card or board games.

Get Spontaneous

Besides family traditions, other things that will stick in your kid’s memories are things that happen spontaneously and things that surprise them.

Once again, these surprises don’t need to be expensive or extravagant.

Overall, after some years they won’t remember the money, you have spent, but the feeling that they felt at that moment so you can occasionally surprise them with something like:

  • Sleepover with a friend. You can talk to the friend’s parents and ask them to bring their kid for a sleepover, be prepared for a lot of screaming and jumping up and down when they see each other at the door.
  • Hide surprises under the pillow. It can be a small gift, a candy, or simply a message.
  • Announce them their day in the month or year. Just make sure that you don’t do that on the same day and keep it a surprise. Let it be a reward for good behavior and do whatever they want with them on their day.
  • Put small treats in their pockets. You will surely see a big smile on their face when they feel something in their pocket.
  • Occasionally make a poster on their door, create a balloon door, or whatever small thing that can make them happy right from getting out of bed.
  • Write jokes or notes on pieces of paper and put them in their lunch bag.

Be Present as Much as Possible.

As a student mom, you surely are pretty busy. But still, the best way for making memories together with your child is by being there most of the time. Or at least as much as it is possible.

Yes, surprises, traditions, and routines will stay in their memory. But still, people can only say that it is worth looking back in their memory if they remember being loved and cared for.

So, make sure that you give them all the attention and love you can, be there for them when they are happy and celebrate together, and be there to console them when sad.

Everyone has memories of their childhood, which are carried through our whole life. So, make sure that you take steps towards positive and happy memories for your kid one day. You will share photos, talk about them and remember them together with a big smile on your face.

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