Letter W Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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W is For Whale Preschool Worksheets.

Are you looking for some awesome letter W worksheets? Look no further! Today I have some fantastic letter W worksheets for pre k kids. These are free to download and simple to use.

Teaching kids to write is super important and using preschool worksheets can be a great tool and a fun way to encourage literacy and reading in little ones. I hope you enjoy these free printable worksheets for kids.

letter w worksheets for preschool kids

Letter W Worksheets

These letter w worksheets are fantastic for introducing kids to the letter W and the theme of whales. You can have the children colour or paint as well as trace and count.

In this pack you will find the following:

  • Odd Wale counting worksheet
  • W is for whale coloring page
  • whale letter write tracing letters worksheet
  • Counting whales maths worksheet

These are simple and easy to use and a lot of fun. I designed these myself and had a lot of fun doing so.

In fact I’ve made a whole series of free worksheets starting from the letter A and am so pleased with how well they turned out! 

It’s super exciting and I am hoping they do well on The Inspiration Edit and that many children enjoy using these pre K worksheets for their benefit. 

Whale Coloring Pages

Why not download these whale coloring pages and help little ones to practice fine motor skills as well as letter recognition. 

Fun Whale Activity to Help Teach the Letter W

This super cute craft idea is fun and easy for kids of all ages. Why not whip out the paints and paint your own Whale Painted Rock with the little ones. Talk about the letter W and the W sound and discuss all the creatures you can think of the begin with the letter W.

whale painted rock stone

Download Your W Is for Whale Printable Here

W is for whale worksheets

Have You Read Our Book List of Fantastic Whale Books for Kids?

What’s your favourite Whale Book for kids? I love The Whale and the snail!

kids whale books

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