Choose Rust-Resistant, Durable, and Stylish Wall Mounted Metal Shelving Options

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When considering what type of restaurant equipment is worth selecting for commercial spaces, it is pivotal to rely not only on the level of aesthetics it can deliver but also on the set of features that will presently affect all kitchen operations and the speed of food prep routine. Wall-mounted metal shelving is one of the parts that perform mainly storing functions. Without wall mount stainless steel shelves, you are running the risk to lower the performance of the kitchen staff and end up having a huge mess. This order of things will not contribute to efficient and well-established work. However, using vertical walls appropriately and adding extra surfaces for keeping kitchen utensils, ovens, ingredients, etc., will definitely make a difference to the speed of meal preparation or cleaning. Key parameters to pay attention to when buying wall shelves:

  • longevity and the capacity to remain undamaged and unaffected by adverse effects typical for commercial kitchens;
  • non-porous and easy to clean surface to be capable of complying with  safe sanitation  requirements and criteria;
  • the right size that will be in balance with other equipment types and become a great addition to the interior, making it more ergonomically efficient.
Wall Mounted Metal Shelving

Of course, the wall-mounted metal shelving styles vary and must be selected based on the usage scenarios. For example, wire shelves for the wall are a great pick for storing perishable products since such options offer sufficient ventilation levels. No dust will accumulate on such a shelf. For heavyweight electric appliances, such as microwaves, it is recommended to install solid metal shelves with excellent weight capacity. There is also some alternative to vertical wall mount shelving solutions, such as mobile kits with several levels or racks that you can use for transportation and storage. If your commercial interior allows mounting triangle shelves into the corner, it can also save you really valuable inches of space. 

Top reasons to choose stainless steel wall shelves 

Raise Worker Productivity

Well-designed wall shelves with superb characteristics and a great rate of durability can add functionality and allow to smartly arrange the room. The room will be zoned and each spot will serve its function. On some surfaces, you can hold frequently used items while installing stainless steel wall shelves above working tops and tables, you will have all critical utensils or products within the reach. 

Unused Space Will Serve as Extra Storage

It may happen that drawers, cabinets, or even extra shelving mounted to your tables can be already occupied. But the items and objects needed for cooking or cleaning continue to accumulate. In such a case metal shelves can become a sound solution. Thus, you can easily maneuver the kitchen, knowing that all the details are in right place and tidiness will be always maintained.

Simple Upkeep and Washing Routine

Stainless steel is the material that resists germs and bacteria growth, and the spreading of detrimental pests is impossible, so the quality of stored goods or ingredients will be preserved. Other enemies, such as mold or rot also won’t appear. Moreover, metal doesn’t absorb unpleasant kitchen odors. There won’t be any trouble with retaining shelf cleanliness and hygiene.

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