A week or so ago we were sent two packets of Crazy Jack Organic Apricots. Crazy Jack is a foods company which sell baking and cooking ingredients that are organic. The organic dark apricots are super tasty and today we are sharing some fantastic and fun ideas which combine tasty delicious healthy apricots with orange chocolate.

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To make our treats you will need:

Crazy Jack Organic Apricots

Terrys Chocolate Orange

Wilton Candy Eyeballs



To begin with melt a small pot of chocolate into a container and dip the Crazy Jack Apricots into the chocolate. Add Wilton candy eyes and place in the fridge to set.

Now you have the basic Apricot with googly eyes, you can be creative and make different Apricot creatures. We began with Apricot Monsters.

Next I added some Chocolate Orange wings to create Apricot Bats. We then made some Apricot Stick Men. My daughter loves the Story Stick Man and so this is our Apricot Stick Man.

We then made some Apricot Butterflies. We added a few iced treats to our butterflies to add colour. You can use whatever you have in the home.

I think these could also be owls. You can also use huge marshmallows to create Apricot Sheep.

Here are our Apricot Rudolfs, made using twiglets. These would make a great Christmas Treat.

Last but not least are our Apricot Flies. These might be a fun idea for spring when covering the subject of bugs and creepy crawlies. I think the ideas are endless and it’s a great way to snack on these tasty Apricots from Crazy Jack.

Which do you like the best? I like the Owls or butterflies. They are super cute.

Angela x

*We were gifted Apricots from Crazy Jack. This post is optional.





Apricot stickmen



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