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Thankfully, my early childhood education background has helped me develop a strong belief in building a child’s confidence. And, I know how to praise a child with words — using positive compliments. Today I’d like to share with you my list of words of praise — 50 ways to praise your child.

Benefits to Praising a Child

There are so many benefits to praising a child. Complimenting a child is a great way to raise their self-esteem and reinforce good behaviour and actions. And, focusing on their efforts and achievements gives them a positive sense of accomplishments, not negative thoughts or emotions. While our thoughts tend to be more negative, we can turn it around and instead, encourage our child with positive phases.

Your child will thrive with this comprehensive list of words of praise!
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Positive Parenting: List of Words of Praise

I knew you could do it.
That’s it. Well Done.
Keep working on it,
Thumbs up.
That turned out wonderful.
That the best you done so far.
I love hearing your words.
Now you have it.
Fabulous idea.
One more time and you can do it.
Yeah, generic you solved the problem.
Fantastic work well done.
What a super star.
Your right on track.
I’m really proud of how hard you worked today.
Now you have it.
Super duper work.
Great teamwork.
Nothing can stop you now.
Fantastic effort.
You finished really quick well done.
You kept trying.
Awesome work.
I like how you think.
Excellent try.
Your such a creative thinker.
Well done you did it.
Excellent job saying how you feel.
You handled that so well.


More Positive Praise Examples


Nothing can stop you now.

That’s the correct way to do it.
Good remembering.
You expressed yourself so well.
You know just what to do.
Excellent work.
Great Teamwork.
You must have been practising.
You really do keep trying.
I knew you could figure this out.
I know it was hard but you did your best.
You were so calm during that problem.
I’m so proud of you today.
Keep trying you can do it.
I loved how you worked today.

You’re amazing. Good stuff.

What positive praise examples can you add to the list? Do you have a list of good compliments in your parenting toolset? If not, start today!  Why not try it out for three days and see what difference it makes. Trust me, it really does work.

 Angela x
Positive praise is the best way of parenting -- here is a list of words of praise!