Fun Rainbow Activities Kids Will Love

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Rainbows bring out the kid in all of us, and that’s why they are such a popular theme among families. Whether you’re looking for a way to create lasting childhood memories or just want some quality family time, fun rainbow activities provide an entertaining outlet that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. From homemade rainbows to art projects and outdoor adventures, there are countless ways parents and teachers can use rainbows as a fun educational tool while bringing their kids immense joy. Keep reading for our top ten list of awesome rainbow activities your kids will love!

fun rainbow activities for kids

Teach Children About Rainbows

Rainbows can be the perfect starting point for learning about light, color and science. Have your kids learn how a rainbow is formed by using an experiment with water droplets and sunlight or even show them a video of someone creating a rainbow using a prism. Use this as an opportunity to talk to your kids about the different colors of the spectrum and what each one signifies.

How to Grow a Crystal Rainbow

This activity will teach your kids how to create a rainbow of beautiful crystals. Start by mixing together Epsom salt, warm water and food coloring in six different cups, one for each color of the rainbow. Have your child place a pipe cleaner in each cup and let them sit overnight. In the morning they’ll be able to pull out their very own crystal

Learn How to Grow a Crystal Rainbow by Living Life and Learning.

Frozen Rainbow Science Experiment

This frozen rainbow science experiment is an easy and fun way to engage your kids in some interesting scientific exploration. All you need are water, food coloring, shallow dishes or trays and a freezer! Have your kids mix the colors together in each dish or tray before freezing for a few hours. Once they pop out of the freezer, watch as they get mesmerized by the colors.

Learn how to do this Frozen Rainbow Science Experiment here at Hands on as We Grow

Rainbow Flower Threading Board

This crafty activity is a great way to help your little ones improve their fine motor skills. Grab some colorful paper, pipe cleaners and sticky-back foam. Cut the paper into circles, then have your child thread them onto the pipe cleaners in rainbow order. Once they’re done, attach the other end of the pipe cleaner to the back of a piece of board.

Get the instructions for Rainbow Flower Threading Boards like Little Pine Learners

Rainbow Fruit Loop Towers

This activity is an incredibly fun and creative way for your kids to explore STEM. Give them a handful of Fruit Loops in different colors and challenge them to see how high they can stack without having it all come tumbling down. This teaches patience, trial and error as well as architectural skills – plus it’s delicious!

Have fun using Rainbow Fruit Loop Towers at Mess For Less

Rainbow Paper Craft

This fun paper craft activity is perfect for kids who love to have creative free time. Get some colored construction paper and cut out different shapes – you can use templates or draw your own. Have your child arrange the shapes in rainbow order and glue them together onto a larger piece of white paper, then put it up on display!

Find ideas for this Rainbow Paper Craft at Live Well Play Together.

Rainbow Suncatcher Shadow Art

This is a great way to get your kids outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Grab some colored tissue paper, scissors, string and tape. Have them cut the tissue paper into small strips or shapes and tie one end of each string onto a stick with tape. Then attach their rainbow pieces to the other ends of the strings and hold it up against the sun! Watch as your suncatcher makes great shadows.

Get the instructions for this Rainbow Suncatcher Shadow Art activity at In the Play Room.

Lego Rainbow

Legos are a great way to spark your child’s imagination and this rainbow building challenge will take it to the next level. Give your kids different colors of Lego blocks and challenge them to build a rainbow. Not only does this help with color recognition, but it’s also an awesome opportunity for creative problem solving.

Check out this Lego Rainbow activity at Mom Brite.

I See a Rainbow Book

This I See A Rainbow book activity is perfect for a rainy day. Have your kids find items around the house or draw pictures of things that they associate with each color of the rainbow – from red apples to yellow lemons and blue skies. Put them together into an adorable homemade rainbow book!

Learn about this I See a Rainbow Book at Fun a Day.

Rainbow Maths Place Value Activity

This is a great way to get your kids exploring basic maths concepts – such as place value and number recognition. Get some colored paper plates, markers, scissors and glue.

Have your children cut out different numbers on the plates in rainbow order, then write each one down from smallest to largest. This helps them learn number placement while having fun at the same time!

Learn about this Rainbow Maths Place Value Activity at School Time Snippets.

Homemade Spectroscope

This activity is perfect for older kids who are interested in science and optics. Gather up some duct tape, cardboard, a magnifying glass and colorful cellophane paper or film. Have your child make a cylinder out of the cardboard using the duct tape before cutting out two different sized circles from either end.

Then attach the magnifying glass to one side with tape and the cellophane paper to the other. They’ll be able to look through their homemade spectroscope and see a rainbow of colors!

Find out more about making your Homemade Spectroscope here at Buggy and Buddy

Rainbow Soda and Mentos Science Project

This activity is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Have your kids fill several plastic bottles with different colored sodas and top each one off with a Mentos.

Place them on the ground in rainbow order, then stand back and watch as they erupt in an amazing display of color! This teaches cause and effect as well as visual recognition.

Read more about making a Rainbow Soda and Mentos Science Project at Life Over C’s

Enjoy These Rainbow Activities Today

We hope you and your family have fun with these rainbow activities. From growing crystals to making a homemade spectroscope, there’s something here for everyone. So grab the supplies and get ready to explore everything that rainbows have to offer!

Happy learning!

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