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My Love Of History and Teaching Kids About The Past

One thing I’ve always loved learning about is history. I’ve never been one to love reading fiction and I remember as a child finding reading books and stories so boring, yet I could sit and read non-fiction and fact books for hours.

In the family home my dad had this brilliant book which I loved called the “How to do Just About Anything Book”. I guess it was like a modern day google in book form. I loved that book and loved learning and discovering new things.

I used the book my dad had to fix my punctured bike tyre. I used the book for so many things as well as other non fiction books. I just love facts.

chorley pals

Ironically as I grew older I loved studying History at school and even took some courses on the history of law and education whilst at University.

So as an adult I still love to learn facts and I find non fiction so so interesting. I’m attempting to teach my daughter the same. I am sharing my love of history with Sylvia. In fact this week it is the school holidays and we have been learning about World war 2 and the history of Soldiers. We have also been learning about the history of our local village and the history of lights.

girls soldier costume

We have been on google researching and learning about many things. We were sent some fancy dress costumes and Sylvia got to dress up as a World War 2 Soldier and try out a few different costumes which we got from funidelia. This is a great follow on from our visit to the Chorley Pals last year and Sylvia had so much fun in her outfits.

teaching kids

I will always love history and find it interesting and I will always love sharing this with my daughter. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together, to learn and share knowledge. It’ also a great thing to be able to use technology to educate my daughter and broaden her horizons.

I wonder what we will learn about next? What history subjects do you like?I’d love to hear from you.

Angela x

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