18 Fantastic DIY Dog Crafts

I really love our Dogs Yoda and Casper. They mean the world to me and we really enjoy coming up with fun Dog themed ideas on the blog. Today I am sharing a list of fantastic DIY Dog Crafts. I hope you like this and enjoy.


DIY Dog Crafts

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1. Upcycled Dog Treats Jar

2. Dog Hair Bow

3. Personalised Pet Tag

4. DIY Dog themed Fathers Day Card

diy fathers day card

5. Paracord Dog Collar

6. Simple Dog Bag Holder

7. Printable Dog Wall Art

8. DIY Dog Treat Jar

DIY Dog Crafts

9. DIY Outdoor Dog Pallet Bed

10. DIY Paper Bag Dog Craft

paper dog craft

11. DIY Secret Life Of Pets Dog Leash Holder

12. DIY Dog First Aid Kit

13. DIY Dog Sweater

bichon rock stone
14. Easy DIY Treat Jar

15. Easy DIY No Sew Fleece Dog Blanket

16. DIY Dog Command Center

17. DIY Pet Feeding Schedule

18. Dog Biscuit Holiday Wreath

Why not try making little treat jars for your dogs. I made these cuties for Casper and Yoda and they loved smelling them and eating their treats. What Dog does not like to eat?


All you need is two small jars and a black and white Posca paint pen!


Dog Crafts

DIY Dog Crafts


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