15 Very Pretty Valentines Wreaths

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Pretty DIY Valentines Wreaths To Make For Your Home

Valentines Day is approaching in the coming month and so I thought it would be fun to share some affordable Valentines crafts and DIY projects that you can make for your home.

These Valentiness Day Wreaths are all super cute and pretty and would look great on your door or as a decoration hanging on the wall. Enjoy!

DIY Valentines Wreaths

So here are some super cute DIY Valentines wreaths which are super easy to make, budget friendly and really fun. They will not only be a great activity for February, these valentines day crafts will look amazing in the home.

Felt Rosette Wreath by Making It Manzita

I love this super cute felt rosette wreath. This is very pretty and will look great against any white background. Click through for this cute DIY Valentines wreath tutorial today!

Monogrammed Heart Wreath by Where the Smiles Have Been

This is a simple but elegant Valentines Day wreath idea and I just the pop of color you find with the easy Valentines craft idea.

Rosemary Wreath by Making it in the Mountains

Add a touch of simplistic to the home with this Valentines wreath made from Rosemary. This wreath will not only look great, it will smell divine too.

Pink Bauble Wreath by Laura’s Crafty Life

If you have baubles then you might like to make this fantastic Valentines bauble wreath. What a fun and simple idea. The butterflies are cute and you have the option of one or multiple colors.

Conversation Heart Wreath by Crafts by Amanda

A conversation heart wreath is a fun idea and one that everyone will love. I think this is super cute and it’s actually really pretty with the pastel tones and colors.

Floral Heart Wreath by Lydi Out Loud

Now this gorgeous floral heart wreath would make not only a fantastic DIY Valentines craft, it would be an amazing gift for your Valentine or a family member you love.

Playing Card Wreath by Refresh Living

Do you have some spare cards lying around? If so you could recycle them into this super easy and cute playing card wreath. What a fabulous idea!

Vintage Valentine Wreath by Rain on a Tin Roof

This simple Valentines day wreath is quick and easy to make and it looks really great. Use the crafts supplies in your home to decorate a metal wreath and make your own Valentines craft in minutes.

Paper Straw Wreath by Mod Podge Rocks

Now this is a super cute and fun idea for Valentines Day. You can pick up some striped straws pretty easily to make this super cute and fun Valentines Day paper straw wreath.

Conversation Heart Wreath by Tatertots & Jello

Here is a beautiful DIY wreath with words on it. This is super cute and a lovely simple wreath. I love the bird pattern and how the colors match well with this Valentines project.

Heart Scarf Wreath by Interior Frugalista

Do you have any spare scarfs laying around? If you do, why not try making a Valentines Day Heart Scarf wreath. This could be made in a short time and will look really effective as a piece of Valentines decor in the home.

Loop Yarn Wreath by The Tiptoe Fairy

Make a loopy wreath today which is soft and cute. This is a great idea and could be a fun starter project to make with the kids if your teaching basic stitching skills.

Candy Hearts Wreath by Tried and True

I really love this candy hearts Valentines Day wreath. It is super cute and you can choose your very own messages to add to this DIY Valentines craft.

Cupid’s Arrow Wreath by Create Craft Love

Cupids arrow is never far away on Valentines Day and this beautiful Arrow Wreath has a great rustic look that will ornate any home well.

Rag Wreath by Polka Dot Chair

Finally we have this cute rag wreath. If you have plenty of rags and materials at home, then why not recycle them to make a recycled Valentines wreath. It’s . great way to save money and use materials that might end up in the dump.

More Valentines Craft Ideas to Make

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