6 Unexpected Minimal Ways to Boost Your North Carolina Office’s Comfort

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Do you dream of a comfortable office that energizes you and encourages productivity? A comfortable office is the foundation for a good work environment. The right amenities in your office can energize and prepare you for a busy week. We have compiled a list of minimal ways to boost your office’s comfort.

Minimal Ways To Boost Your North Carolina Office


A de-cluttered office helps reduce stress and ease anxiety. If you have ever returned home after a busy day at work to a messy, unorganized home, you understand how clutter can affect your mood. Decluttering your office also makes it easy to find items you may need, which can boost productivity.

Ensure that everything in your office has a place and return it to its place rather than putting it back down on the countertop or floor. Encourage other workers in the office to also get in the habit of returning things as they use them. You’ll find that you have more time to focus on work projects than finding items you may need. It may even be helpful to create a cheat sheet showing when you can throw away work documents. Double check with your employer on information regarding how long you’re expected to keep physical documents.

Get the Temperature Right

Getting the temperature right in the office is also essential to comfort. Few things are more frustrating than turning on the air conditioning only to feel too cold. Then, you turn it off, and the heat settles in. Finding the right temperature in your office is about adjusting the air vents, keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance, and using fans when needed to recirculate the heat or air conditioning.

Of course, window treatments can make all the difference in the world when it comes to controlling your office’s air conditioning and heat. Large glass windows look lovely but let a lot of heat in on sunny days. Large shades or curtains can block some of the heat out but then makes your office darker. Commercial window tinting allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from your office window without the heat affecting your comfort level. Ensuring a comfortable temperature in your office also makes it more inviting for visitors.

Liven and Freshen up the Place

Adding some fresh flowers or plants to your office can instantly make it feel cozier. Plants do an excellent job of improving your office’s air quality. They also look nice and add a sense of peace and relaxation to your work environment. If you want something truly low-maintenance, opt for easier care for plants. A few low-maintenance plants include snake plants, spider plants, ZZ plants, and cactuses. 

Of course, the lowest maintenance plants you can choose are fake. Silk plants won’t improve your office’s air quality, but they still look nice. Some offices may have restrictions when it comes to the plants you can have, so make sure you check first. Daily cleaning of your office also helps to keep it fresh.

Choose Quality Furniture

The furniture you choose for your office also makes a difference in overall comfort. Try to choose ergonomically designed furniture that’s comfortable and practical. Carefully position your work desk and seating near windows facing the door. When choosing certain work furniture, like desks, make sure it offers ample storage.

The more storage drawers or shelves available to you, the easier it will be to keep your office clean and tidy. If you work in an industry with confidential information, you may need storage solutions that are lockable.

Designate Multiple Work Spaces in Your Office

Depending on your job, you may have more than one work responsibility. For example, you may spend a portion of your day taking phone calls, and other parts, meeting in person with clients. Designate multiple workspaces within your office for each purpose. You might have a clutter-free part of your desk reserved for video calls. Your seating area may be set up to meet with other team members or clients.

Choose a Few Favorite Scents

Smell can make you feel happy, calm, relaxed, or productive. Different scents evoke different feelings based on the person, so finding what makes you feel most comfortable is important.

Spend a day test-smelling candles at your favorite candle shop to find the ones that promote feelings of comfort and productivity.

Lavender and jasmine are popular scents that make your office smell good without overpowering it. Peppermint and lemon are also nice scents to consider when choosing the candles or cleaning products you use in your office. Avoid scents that are too bold, especially if you welcome visitors into your office.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your office into a comfortable place that you love. A few key upgrades, including blocking out UV rays and decluttering, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to an enjoyable office.

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