Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschool Kids

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Educational Toys For Toddlers And Preschool Kids – A Review

As an Early Years Teacher and Blogger I have always been passionate about teaching children and promoting the concept of learning through play. In fact, I am an advocate for using toys and resources to help little ones to learn, develop and grow. Here are some educational toys for 4 year olds.

Whenever I am given the opportunity to review educational toys and resources here on The Inspiration Edit, I get quite excited.

educational preschool toys

Collecting Learning Toys for Preschool Kids

I once had a large collection of educational toys and preschool resources when I lived in New Zealand. However over the past two years I’ve began rebuilding my collection to use at home when little ones visit.

Today I am going to share six new educational learning toys for toddlers and Nursery Kids. These items were gifted by WordUnited, however I chose the early years resources I wanted and am super excited to share them with you today.

Big Jigs Wiggly Worm 

The first item I’m sharing is this fantastic brightly coloured wiggly worm. The Big Jigs Wiggly Worm is a wooden toy suitable for those aged 12 months and over.

Big Jigs Wiggly Worm

The Wiggly Worm is colorful, bright and able to move in different directions. This is a great toy for little ones to enjoy and can help with fine motor skill development.

This wooden worm toy can also double as a fidget toy for kids and there are opportunities to talk about the different colours, a skill that is developed between the ages of 18 months and 4 years and retails for £3.98. For more great ideas check out this article on things to two with a two year old.

Tickit Rainbow Arches Stacking Eco Toy

The reason I love this rainbow arch toy so much is because it’s it’s Eco friendly and designed to encourage little ones to explore and use the imagination.

Tickit Rainbow Arches Stacking Eco Toy

This rainbow stacking toy is a series of natural beechwood arches that are different colours and different sizes. This rainbow themed learning resource can be used to teach way more than colour. In fact, this toy is great for construction, imaginative play and can be used to create shapes and explore size.

This rainbow themed eco toy can be used in many different ways and can help toddlers and preschool kids to practice their hand-eye coordination skills, develop spatial reasoning, pattern skills and learn mathematical concepts.

This educational toy from WordUnited is suitable for any child 12 months and over and costs £22.99.

Tickit Softie Marine Magnifier Maginfying Glass.

I really am impressed with the Tickit Marine Magnifying Glass set. Using a magnifying glass can be really fun for little ones and is fantastic for developing observational skills as well as learning to explore and understand the world around us.

Tickit Softie Marine Magnifier Maginfying Glass.

This set of magnifying glasses are marine themed. There is one yellow turtle, one blue fish and one green frog. Each magnifying glass is large and chunky as well as lightweight.

These learning resources are a fantastic size for young children to grip and are covered in a soft foam, meaning the lenses can float on water.

These toys would be great in a under the sea themed sensory bin and I’m sure they could provide hours of fun for Nursery aged kids. The magnifying glasses cost £19.99.

Colour and Number Match Egg Set

I am a huge fan of matching activities which is why I love the this super cool colour and number matching egg set.

Colour And Number Match Egg Set

The plastic egg box contains 12 eggs which are split into two and can be joined by matching the correct number of pegs to holes and matching the right colour eggs.

This is a fantastic early years learning resource that teaches basic colour recognition and counting skills. Designed for little hands, the eggs are easy to handle and this activity can help children develop their problem solving skills.

I really do like this egg themed activity. The toy is £19.99 and is great for children 18 months and over.

Count and Sort Fruit Pie Activity

When looking on the WordUnited website I found this fantastic fun and colourful sorting pie.

Colour And Number Match Egg Set 2

This colour matching and sorting activity is a great educational toy that teaches a variety of basic mathematical skills and comes with fun sorting cards.

Colour And Number Match Egg Set

Not only does this activity encourage little learners to sort, it’s also a great way to build fine motor skills as children learn to grip and squeeze the tweezers in the set.

This is a fun activity for kids aged 3 years and over and costs £22.99

Rainbow Coloured Tongs

I loved these rainbow tongs also known as scoops as they are great for improving fine motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination.

Rainbow Coloured Tongs

I would use these fun and colourful scoops in a sensory bin or during an activity to help little ones explore and discover. This set of rainbow scoops comes in 6 different colours and they have scissor shaped handles.

These tongs retail for £13.99 and would make a great addition to any home or Nursery school setting.

I’m really pleased with these fantastic new learning resources and look forward to using them when little ones visit the home. These really are educational toys for toddlers and ones I really like.

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