Multi-Level Deck Design: A Perfect Outdoor Oasis

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Often homeowners choose to build a multi-level deck to help maximize space. These decks allow homeowners to design a specific area for a certain task. For example, the top level is for cooking, and the second is for socializing.

However, even when designing a multi-level deck, you’ll have to do more planning than creating designated areas. These decks aim to provide an easy flow between each area and ensure every space of the deck is used correctly.

But how do you know that the design you create for your multi-level deck will become your ideal outdoor oasis? This article will tell you exactly what goes into creating a multi-level deck and how to make it work for you.

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Consider These Factors for Your Multi-Level Design

Before your deck builders create a blueprint, consider how much space you actually have for a deck. You should measure your yard and the space you want your deck to be built. Doing so will save you a headache in the future. 

After measuring, decide which levels can take advantage of the space and get creative with their layouts. For example, the top level can have an open floor space since it will be designated for the grilling area. It can be easier to maximize this space as it is open, and fewer people will be using it.

However, let’s say you’re designating the second level for entertainment. This space may be smaller than the upper level, and you may have to utilize different angles or curves to help maximize the space.

Think About the Type of Materials You’ll Use for Your Deck

Building a multilevel deck will require the same material used for a single-level deck. The type of material you use for your deck project will depend on your budget and presence. 

It will also affect the overall look you want to create for your deck. Below is the type of materials used for building decks:

  • Pressure-treated wood: This type of wood is usually made from Douglas fir or Southern Yellow Pine trees. The wood is pressure treated with chemicals and insecticides to make it resistant to bugs and rot. It’s inexpensive but does require you to maintain it regularly.
  • Composite: is the second material most commonly used for building decks. It’s popular due to its ability to be weather-resistant and long-lasting. It is made out of wood and plastic materials. 

Composite decking can be expensive, but many homeowners find it worth it. For one, it requires less maintenance than pressure-treated wood. Also, composite decks come with a 25 to 35 warranty against cracking, rotting, and insect damage.

  • Cedar: It is soft and easy-to-cut material that prevents insects from destroying decks. Also, you only have to pressure treat the material twice yearly to prevent it from turning grey. 
  • Redwood: This type of material is insect and weather resistant. However, it does require regular maintenance to maintain a certain look. 
  • IPE: This type of wood is native to the South American rainforest. Many people choose this type of wood because it is insect and rot-resistant. However, the downsides to using the material are it’s expensive, and the weight makes it hard to transport.
  • PVC: This stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a synthetic plastic polymer. The benefit of using it is that its insect and rot-resistant. However, it does not provide a warm feeling to the deck, or you have limited choices on the color you want.

Consider These Styles for Your Multi-Level Deck

Deciding on the type of design layout for your multi-level deck takes time and effort. To help you out, here are some ideas:

Multi-Level Deck Curved Design

With this design, the deck is curved on the second level. The top layout keeps the open concept and makes it easier for you to have dining space. The second level provides a seamless flow into the backyard space.

Double Deck Design

The double deck design is two decks stacked on each other. This idea is great for those with a two-level home with outdoor access to each level. 

It’s ideal to use composite material for this design due to its low maintenance level. Also, for the railing, opt to use cedar material as it absorbs moisture and is resistant to rotting. 

Small Multi-Level Design

Most people choose a multi-level design if they own a large home. However, if you have a smaller home, you can still choose to build a multi-level deck. 

It will just have to be on a smaller scale. The upper level can create an elegant entrance into the home, while the smaller section is a sitting area.

Three Level Design

You don’t always have to choose a two-level design plan for your deck. If the space and budget permit it, go ahead and build a three-level deck. Then, you’ll have more room for entertainment and outdoor purposes.

Hot Tub or Pool Design

You can include one in your multi-level deck for those who must have a hot tub or pool in their backyard. It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re trying to create the perfect oasis for your backyard. The top level can be the seating area, while the bottom area holds the pool or hot tub.

Include the Finishing Touches for Your Multi-Level Deck

To make your multi-level deck even more perfect, you will want to include accents to enhance its feel. Enhance your deck and outdoor space even more by having these touches:

  • Lighting: Outdoor lighting is a must for your backyard. Your porch light isn’t going to keep the entire deck well-lit. Consider adding solar string lights to improve the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor space after dark. Alternatively, if you have the budget, hiring Blingle could level up your lighting even further.
  • Rugs: Consider adding weather-resistant rugs to your deck. It’ll enhance the look of your deck and make it feel more put together. 
  • Furniture: How can you enjoy your deck without the right furniture? You should invest in sitting furniture and consider tables and shelves. This way, you can have places to sit plates, cups, and decorations down during a party.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis With These Tips

When speaking with your builders, remember that more goes into building the perfect deck than the blueprint. To maximize your space for a deck, be sure to do some measurements. 

Also, remember that the type of material you use will affect the style you want and the overall maintenance. Lastly, to make your deck your outdoor haven, add the finishing touches to make it more unique.

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