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I love my Mother to bits. She is the most amazing women. My mum has taught me so much. She did a great job raising me as a child and giving me the best education she could. My mum is one of my best friends and we have a wonderful relationship.

Mothers Are Precious

When I left New Zealand for the UK in 2010, I was excited about a clean slate and fresh start but I was so sad to be leaving my mother. It’s been over 7 years now and living far away from my mum is not an easy thing. We have Skype and emails but it’s not the same.

I was so happy last year when my mum announced she was coming to the UK with my Dad and brother to live in England for one year. It’s been the best year of my life. We have not seen each other as much as I’d have liked.

We even missed out after Christmas and New Years as I was in hospital for a long time but the time I have spent with my mum has been precious and moments I won’t forget.

It’s been great having my mum visit this past week. She came for 3 days and helped me.

We spoke and talked and she helped me with my blogging. Mum helped me with Pinterest and coming up with ideas for the blog. She cooked my favourite meals and I simply loved spending time together.

On Sunday I’m going to visit my mother. She is staying with my grandmother until she returns to New Zealand later this year and so on Mothers Day there will be 4 generations together on the special day.

This will be a first and most likely a one off. It is not going to happen again so I will make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

When it comes to my Mum, she is full of fabulous advice. My Mum is big on budgeting, cooking budget meals and being frugal.

]Mum taught me how to cook in bulk and save money in the kitchen. When I got married mum suggested I invest in a second freezer!

I have a fridge freezer but she recommended a second freezer for storing yummy homemade meals and marked down products.

Mums advice is so on point. Being a Mother with chronic illness myself a freezer is ideal and really helps. I can cook in batches and freeze meals for my worse days.

We store berries and frozen fruits to add to healthy smoothies and there is plenty of room for marked down bread and cake! Yes we love a bit of cake!

Not only did my mum suggest a freezer, she actually went and bought me one and it’s been a great investment time wise and for saving money. My mum is full of good advice and I’ve learnt so much from her. I look forward to seeing her on Mothers Day and enjoying our day together.

I know some people don’t have the type of relationship I have with my mum and some including my husband have lost their mothers. I think Mothers Day is a time to be mindful about those around us and a day to celebrate and cherish, especially whilst our Mothers are still around.

Angela x

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