20 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Cards

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Easy Diy Mothers Day Cards are something I’ve always enjoyed making since I can remember. My daughter loves crafts and every year she has made me a homemade mothers day card. 

I love it. I love the effort and time that goes into a home made Mothers Day card and so today I thought it would be great to share some fantastic Mothers Day Card ideas. 


Easy DIY Mother’s Day Cards to Make

Pop-up Flower Cards With Free Printables from hellowonderful.com

Make your card more adorable with this pop-up flower cards. If you’re looking to put a smile on your mum’s face, this will surely do the trick. 

Mothers Day Colouring Page Card For Kids from craftsonsea.co.uk

Looking for an activity with your kids to do on Mother’s Day? This colouring page card is perfect and will keep your kids and entertained.

Homemade Mother’s Day Card (with Free Printable) from buggyandbuddy.com

Here’s another quick and easy homemade mother’s day card. This card has a free printable with questions about mums that kids can answer. This will surely be interesting!

Mother’s Day Handprint Card For Mom from nontoygifts.com

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, why not make a card out of your kids’ handprint? These handprint cards are easy to make and very enjoyable to do.

“You Are My Sunshine” Mother’s Day Card Kid Craft from iheartcraftythings.com

Mothers undeniably bring out the sunshine in every household so it’s just fitting to make a “you are my sunshine” card. Your mum will definitely love this.

EOS Lip Balm Printable Mothers Day Cards from skiptomylou.org

Does your mum love lip balms? Then this EOS lip balm printable mother’s day card is the most ideal choice! Lip balm and a touching card? A perfect combination.

DIY Rolled Paper Roses Mother’s Day Card from easypeasyandfun.com

Don’t have time to buy real flowers? These rolled paper roses are great substitutes! They’re colourful and requires only a few materials.

Pop Up Flowers DIY Printable Mother’s Day Card from apieceofrainbow.com

Here’s another fun pop-up flowers card for your mother! This has printable included as well so making it will be a lot easier.

Simple Flower Mother’s Day Card from realcoake.com

Looking for a no-fuss mother’s day card? Then this simple flower card is the one you’re looking for.

Pretty 3D Flower Handmade Cards from hellowonderful.co

Want to incorporate flowers to your card? Here’s a card you can do! It’s easy and it looks very pretty!

mothers day cards

Mother’s Day Flower Card Using Paper Hearts from buggyandbuddy.com

Show your love this mother’s day with this card! All you need are colorful construction cards, glue, scissors and a pencil.

heart shaped mothers day card

Simple DIY Unicorn Card from iheartcraftythings.com

Unicorns are so majestic like every mother! Here’s a cute unicorn card you will have fun making.

Hands Holding A Heart Mothers Day Card from easypeasyandfun.com

One of the best feelings in the world is holding your mother’s hand, celebrate this day, and show how much you love and appreciate your mother with this card.

Quick DIY Watercolor Mother’s Day Card from 100directions.com

Feeling artsy? Try this watercolor mum’s day card! It’s quick and very inexpensive to make. 

Heart Bouquet Cards from redtedart.com

What’s better than a flower bouquet? A heart bouquet! This heart bouquet looks so beautiful and they’re also pretty easy to do.

Printable Mother’s Day Accordion Card from lovelyindeed.com

Tired of the traditional card? This is accordion card is a great alternative. With a printable, this will be a breeze to make.

Geometric Heart Printable Mother’s Cards from happinessishomemade.net

Love simple modern design? This geometric heart printable card will surely be a hit to modern design loving mums.

Easy Mother’s Day Card Idea from kidsactivitiesblog.com

Sometimes all you need is a simple and straightforward card to show your love to your mother. This card can easily be made by pre-schoolers!

Nail Polish Mother’s Day Card from smartschoolhouse.com

Does mom love nail polish? She will surely adore this nail polish card! Pro- tip, add her favorite bottle of nail polish and you’ve just made her day!

Footprint Flower Card For Mother’s Day from nontoygifts.com

Here’s another easy yet thoughtful card to make on Mother’s Day – footprint flower card. It’s cute and super easy to create.

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