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Hit By A Virus – Including gifted products!

The past week our family was hit with a virus. This is not the first time. In fact we had the flu after Christmas and this is our third virus in less than 6 weeks.

It’s the school holidays and so it’s good and bad timing. Sylvia can rest at home and recover and we can spend quality time together as we get better.

I have to say, we were given lots of opportunities to get out of the house this week. We had invites galore but we simply couldn’t go. I certainly can’t. I am currently housebound due to my chronic health conditions, however I was hoping to send Sylvia and her dad off on some adventures this half term but it wasn’t meant to be.

A Virus In School Holidays

I hoped Sylvia and John could have attended the Jorvik Viking Festival in York. That would have been awesome…and we had invites to visit a few museums. Again, this would have been fun. However this term we are staying home with Yoda and Casper our Bichon dogs and that’s not so bad!

Missing School Due To An Allergy

So Sylvia has been unwell a few times in the past month. In fact, she has been suffering from a “unknown allergy”. When she gets bitten by a certain insect or bug she becomes very unwell as do I.

I went to the GP as my arm swelled up but we had no idea what caused this. I was told by the Nurse to avoid going in the garden but I haven’t been in the garden and am not sure what this was.

We couldn’t work it out but twice this happened and twice Sylvia was too unwell for school too. We must have the same allergy, however I did not take Sylvia to the doctor just to be told the same thing I was told. Instead I gave her liquid Piriton as she recovered.

When A Virus Stops School Attendance

Then Sylvia had a major virus which caused her to vomit and have severe headaches. She also had typical cold symptoms and a fever for a few days which we kept under control with calpol.

My daughter ended up having 5 days off from school. So, in total Sylvia missed 7 days last term. This is not normal but I couldn’t exactly send a vomiting child with a fever to school could I?

Despite this, I have received two letters from the school attendance officer. They have serious concerns and we have to provide “Evidence” prescriptions and doctors notes in order for Sylvia’s absences to be authorised.

When Should You Take Your Child To The Doctor?

The thing is, I don’t generally take my child to the Doctor for a fever or virus. Do You? The NHS is struggling enough and when I was a child and we got sick, we rested at home, had medication to keep our fever down, ate chicken soup, crackers and drank lemonade until the virus passed.

We purchased calpol and antihistimine from the supermarket and didn’t waste GP time when we knew how to help our child to recover. Had Sylvia been suffering with an infection it would be different but it was an allergy and a virus, so we have no evidence in the form of doctors attendance and taking a child to the doctor just to have a virus “recorded” is a waste of precious NHS money.

Chilling At Home With A Virus

So Sylvia is on the mend and she’s been home for a few days now. we have watched a few movies together, Abominable, and A Dog’s Journey.

We’ve also enjoyed some tasty snacks from Ten Acre. These are Vegan friendly, Gluten and Dairy free crisps and popcorn and Sylvia has enjoyed munching on these whilst watching movies both on the tv and the ipad.

So, we shall spend the rest of the week at home resting up and recovering so Sylvia is fit and well for school. I will be writing to the school a response regarding their concerns for Sylvia’s attendance and we will enjoy more movies this week as we snack and munch on more popcorn and treats from Ten Acre.

I’m not 100% sure how I will respond to school but I may just explain the situation and see what they say.